Black and White Sage

As mentioned below, Cold Splinters spent the last week in California with our friends/lovers/teachers/healers, Juniper Ridge, cleaning trail and learning about coastal plants and flowers. Long drives filled with endless discussions of power pop, the manager at a local Chevy’s, and of course, coastal flowers and plants (I bet your grandma never started a sentence with, “If the Salvias were the Beatles, black sage would be…”), made for one of the most enjoyable adventures I’ve had in a long, long time.

Next week is going to be the real recap (see: photos) of said trip, but for now, if you’re going to be out in California camping, make sure you know your Salvia apiana and Salvia mellifera. Because I have truly found very few things in life better than rubbing a piece of black sage between your fingers on a hike to a backcountry sunset.

MP3: The Beat – Rock N Roll Girl

MP3: Brendan Benson – Tiny Spark


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    Harvest, Bundle, Burn

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