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California Is Quite The Lady

Cold Splinters is back from one of the best trips in a long while. Just what the doctor ordered. Much much more to come next week, but for now, connect with us on Instagram (cold_splinters). It’ll be a good time. I promise.

MP3: Sugar – Gee Angel

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Off To California

Cold Splinters is off to California tomorrow. Lots of ground to cover in the week we’ll be gone, but couldn’t be more excited. We’ll be with our very good friends at Juniper Ridge and a group of about 15 people, so lots of pictures and new friends to follow.

If you’re in San Francisco, drop me a line and let’s grab a drink. In the meantime, take care of yourselves and see you soon.

MP3: David Ackles – Oh, California!

MP3: Ron Wood – I Can Feel The Fire

MP3: Beechwood Sparks – Confusion Is Nothing New

MP3: Harry James and Helen Forrest – I’ve Heard That Song Before (from Hannah and Her Sisters)

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Bonnie Peterson

Hetch Hetchy Blueprint (54″ H x 68″ W): 1908 map on blueprint of the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir site showing lands owned and to be acquired by the City of San Francisco.

Muir Trail Lakes, Peaks, and Passes (72″ H x 84″ W): Heat transfers of Sierra maps, painted and embroidered with trail notes from backpacking trip, photographs on satin, silk, brocade and velvet, stitched.  The borders are embroidered with John Muir’s descriptions of the high Sierra from the late 19th and early 20th century.

“Of Bogs and Benthos” (52″ H x 72″ W)Scientific graphs, limnology terms, lake chemistry concepts, demographics and climate change challenges are presented. The work is part of an artist/scientist project made possible by: The University of Wisconsin – Center for Limnology, the Trout Lake Research Station, the National Science Foundation, and the Long Term Ecological Research Program.


**Much more here.

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Ghost Stories

Maybe you’re told old for a good scary story when the lights go out, but if you do need need some brushing up, “The Valley Of The Blue Mist” and “Human Hand” are two good places to start. Things that go bump in the night…

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Have a Good Weekend

Hope it’s good out there. Bring a few friends. Be kind. This has all happened before and it will all happen again.

So say we all.

MP3: Common – Lovin’ I Lost

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Daniel Webster

Spring is in the air.

MP3: Daniel Rossen – Silent Song

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Ramblers Bone

If there is a heaven for hitchhikers
the road to angel falls in Zion
is the road they dream of

Every morning I wake up to the sight of a lonely New Mexico desert, a landscape that’s worlds away from the apartment I call home. Bummer. The photo is part of Mikael Kennedy’s Odysseus and it’s quite possibly my favorite thing that I own. (Brian Wilson, your 1 of only 100 signed copies of the hand-written sheet music to “Our Prayer” is a close second.)  Mikael and I have been buddies for a good while now, and two months ago, while spending the month living in Marfa, TX, Mikael flew down to visit and spend a few days in BBNP. It was our first time working together (I wrote an article for Garden and Gun while he took the photos), but certainly not the last.

While Mikael was down south, he was all smiles, enjoying the nothingness of southwest Texas and getting his head straight for the adventure he’s on now. And holy hell is it an adventure. The project, called Ramblers Bone, involves a sponsorship from Wolverine that allows both Mikael and Sean Sullivan to take a road trip through the western part of these United of States. Not bad.

As promised, Mikael sent me a few pictures from the road (Zion to be exact) with the little ditty above he wrote to accompany them. If you’re craving more – and I’m guessing you are – you can see more photos after the jump and follow the entire adventure here.

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Cold Splinters x NYTimes

There’s a new Campster article today on The Moment. Go on over and read about a few spring essentials.

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Camping Adventure

Such a great thrift store find. More scans to come if you don’t have this one already. The last paragraph of the 31 page book kills me:

In just a few days
he has learned to be
a safe and careful camper.
He has also enjoyed
the beauty of the outdoors.
With his brother, sister,
and parents, Rob now feels
at home in the wilderness.

MP3: Roger Joseph Manning Jr. – Wish It Would Rain

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I don’t really know how Vice does it, but they do. And they do it well. For their newest episode of Far Out (remember Heimo?), Vice traveled down to Chilean Patagonia to meet Faustino Barrientos, who, since 1965, has lived alone on the shores Lake O’Higgins in a house built from the remains of a shipwrecked fishing vessel. More info below:

Lake O’Higgins comprises a portion of the border between Chile’s Aysén region and Argentina’s Santa Cruz province. Since 1965, Faustino Barrientos has lived alone on the shores the lake, in a house built from the remains of a shipwrecked fishing vessel. He’s a pastoralist, living mostly off the land and his livestock, with few modern amenities. His nearest neighbors are in Villa O’Higgins, a small community of several hundred people, 25 miles away, accessible only by a two-day horseback ride through rugged mountain animal paths. Every few years, Faustino makes this ride to sell his cattle in town.

Currently 81 years old, Faustino is reaching the end of his life, and his self-imposed isolation is being encroached upon by the forces of government, economy, and tourism. In December 2011, VICE went to document his lifestyle and speak with him about the changing face of Patagonia and the gaucho lifestyle.

Watch the video in four parts here.

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