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Whether you eat meat or not, Mori-Nu Silken Tofu is pretty great for the trail. Protein that comes in a tetra pak and doesn’t need refrigeration is always a plus. Next time you’re Out There, try using the stuff to make a breakfast burrito in the morning. (The “Upstate” part of the recipe comes from Kalen. It’s one of her favorites.) And yes, the tofu is taking the place of eggs, so you can leave your Coghlan’s at home.

What you’ll need to feed two:

- 1 pack of Mori Nu Extra Firm Silken Tofu
- 1 Apple
- 1 small onion
- A few cloves of garlic
- Turmeric (It’s mostly just to make the tofu yellow like eggs, so it’s not imperative.)
- Cinnamon (I put lots of cinnamon on everything, savory or sweet, so I usually have a bottle of the good stuff on every trip. Whenever I’m in Boulder, I stock up at Savory Spice.)
- 2 wraps (I use the Tumaro’s pumpernickel wraps pictured above. Yeah, yeah, they’re low carbs or whatever, but pumpernickel is the best kind of bread and you can’t put a loaf of the stuff in your backpack. Plus, they’re cheap and the grocery store around the corner from me has them right by the checkout line.)
-  Small can of green chile (Not the best use of weight, but it’s hard not to buy green chiles with a pop-top when I’m out shopping for food. Hatch brand if you can find it.)

Cook the onions and garlic with a little oil in a pan, and when they’re softening up, cut up the apple into small slices and throw that in. Add a heavy shake of cinnamon and one of the packets of salt you took from the gas station when you stopped for coffee while the apples get a little brown. Cut open the pack of tofu and squeeze it in your hands over the pan to get it to a scrambled egg consistency. If your little heart desires, now would be the time to add a few shakes of turmeric. When everything seems like it’s ready to go, add the green chile, mix it around for a few seconds and pour half over each tortilla. Wrap it up, eat it down and get hiking.

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Boot Care

Thank you to the folks at Best Made and for Eli Romer, who works in the quality department at Danner (who, yes, is a client of mine), for putting together a little list of of boot care tips. It’s mighty helpful as spring approaches. (Above are some views of the hikers I used around my last couple of weeks in Texas. The Danner Light IIs with Real Tree Cordura – called the Cabela Light II Camo Hikers – are exclusively sold here.)

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