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This week’s Trail Mix is brought to you by yours truly. The first one we’ve done ourselves here at CS. If you’re going somewhere quiet this weekend, then this’ll probably be your huckleberry. I hope.

Take it easy and enjoy it.

Download: Cold Splinters Trail Mix Volume IX

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One of my favorite and most unnecessary purchases in the history of having a CS eBay account. Though I suppose you can never have too many copies, right?

MP3: Bombino – Tenere (The Desert, My Home)

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** It is with great pleasure I introduce Bennet Bergman, a new guest contributor to Cold Splinters. Bergman attends Deep Springs College in California and will be writing about his life in the Sierras. Stay tuned for more “Notes from Deep Springs” in the coming weeks.**

I live in a valley the size of Manhattan in the Eastern Sierras with fourty-four people and 300 head of cattle. The closest town is an hour away, and there’s not much out here: a small farm, a ranch, and an all-male liberal arts college called Deep Springs, which has been here for almost a century. Twenty-eight students attend. The college is free, so besides classwork each week we put in twenty hours of labor on the ranch as a way of earning our keep.

For the most part this place is student-run. We cook for each other from the garden we keep, we choose all our professors, classmates and course offerings, we fix each other’s cars and cut our own hair. We work hard and eat well. Most of us are twenty-year-old boys and since we live on a ranch, it’s been easy for me to get caught up in playing cowboy. But we still like dancing to the sex-pop of Katy Perry and Ke$ha on Friday nights in the kitchen, and we ride horses when there’s time.

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3 Rules of Mountaineering

It’s always further than it looks.
It’s always taller than it looks.
And it’s always harder than it looks.

- Author Unknown

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Trail Mix Volume VIII

This week’s Trail Mix comes from Tom of Eugene, OR’s Archival Clothing, a guy who I met about a year ago at a diner in the neighborhood we both – for the time being – call home. We’ve been to many more since, before and after countless days of hiking, thrifting, and being pissed on by hobos in Appalachian Trail shelters. The usual stuff….

Archival Clothingis a hell of a brand (and Tom a hell of a guy) and I always look forward to hearing what they have in the works. It’s all very exciting, believe you me. (UPSTATE x ARCHIVAL CLOTHING!!!!!)

Thanks for all the damn good times this last year, Tom. And more importantly, thanks for teaching me how to sew.

Download: Trail Mix Volume VIII: AC x CS

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Custom Chacos

For better or worse, springtime is the start of Chaco season, which inevitably means having that wicked 13 year old summer camp “Chaco Tan.” After a day of walking around in these behemoths, it almost feels like an accomplishment when you pull them off to reveal those hideous/amazing white lines.

For a little flair on your spring/summer jaunts to the river, Chaco is now offering custom Made in The USA pairs that you can design yourself on their website. No, you can’t submit your own patterns for the webbing, but there are lots of options to impress even the most stubborn of camp counselors. Nice work, Chacos. Hats off.

Design your own at

MP3: Robyn Hitchcock – The Man Who Invented Himself

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Filson x Cold Splinters

Filson asked Cold Splinters to type out five of our favorite camping destinations, and of course, we complied. Check it out here.

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Sierra Club Hat

Old Carhartt hat with a patch found in a Ft. Davis, Texas thrift shop. Piss-poor sewing job, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do, right?

**Thank you to reader Adam for sending us the history of the Sierra Club logos.

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Wednesday is “Trail Food Day” here at Cold Splinters…

This post might seem lazy, but like the food we eat for breakfast before taking down a tent, it’s more about efficiency. Sure.

The Triple A Sandwich. Easy as pie. Ideal if you’re camping with one other person:

1. Cut the avocado, take out the pit, and use a spoon to get the meat out in one swoop. Place each piece on a pita and smoosh.
2. Cut the apple in half. Slice lengthwise. Place on top of avocado.
3. Sprinkle generously with sliced almonds.
4. Top with a small amount of maple syrup/honey (optional)

 MP3: Paul Westerberg – AAA

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Hunting Bald Eagles

The Northern Arapaho Tribe of Wyoming has won the right to hunt two bald eagles for religious purposes. Before the permits were issued, which is a first for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (though permits have been given in the past for other types of eagles), Native Americans received their eagle parts from the National Eagle Repository in Denver. The repository chopped up and defeathered dead eagles for those tribes who wrote in and requested them. Not surprisingly, the folks in Denver couldn’t keep up with demand.

It’s an interesting story, so go hear and read more at NPR.

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