The Desert, My Home

I imagine that many of you are getting away for the holidays: Whether that means going home to see ma and pa, going on a road trip to some far away place filled with cactus and cholla, or, hopefully, a combination of the two. Cold Splinters is off to the California desert for a couple days (Palm Springs + Joshua Tree National Park) then to to the foothills of Colorado (Boulder + Nederland), and in preparation fore the trip – at least the desert portion – we’ve been blasting Bombino’s Agadez over and over and over. (Thank you Justin Gage.) Sure, it’s the wrong desert (his is the Sahara), but the sentiment is the same. I guess the only real difference is an Ace Hotel, right?

MP3: Bombino – Tenere (The Desert, My Home)

MP3: Bombino – Iyat Idounia Ayasahen (Another Life)


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