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Mountain Gazette

We’ve sung praises for The Mountain Gazette before (and written for them as well), but now you can read old issues of the magazine in full online. Click here to read the issues aboveĀ  – #2 from October 1972 and #4 from December of the same year – and a couple more. They’re a real treat.

(The poem on the October 1972 cover is from Robinson Jeffers’ “The Beaks of Eagles.”)

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Trail Mix Volume IV

This week’s Trail Mix is brought to you by the ladies of Upstate, one of Cold Splinters’ favorite brands in the history of brands. Kalen and Astrid have been dying raw silk with indigo for the last couple of years now (watch this video of them made by Levi’s), and it’s impossible for us to be in the same room without the conversation being steered towards a Cold Splinters x Upstate collaboration. Shibori hiking pants? Shibori tent? Raw silk sleeping bag? We’ll get there one day, but for now, download their mix while you’re putting your wool clothes into your pack, get into your 4WD wagon, and crank it.

Happy weekend. Hope it’s fun.

Download: Upstate x Cold Splinters Trail Mix Volume IV

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Bozeman Ice Climbing Fest

“Put me out in the desert, I’m going to die. I don’t know anything about the desert. Put me on the seacoast, I can feed my family. I got that wired.”

Next week is the Bozeman Ice Climbing Festival, a 15 year old gathering of climbers who aim to promote and protect the world-class ice climbing in Montana’s Hyalite Canyon. In addition to a lot of crampons and a couple of live presentations, several films will be shown, including a filmed interview with Yvon Chouinard discussing ice climbing’s history. Check out the clip above.

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Get Together Round A Fire

People used to get together round a fire
Fishes were cooked, songs were sung
Moonlight used to guide our way through the dark
Do you find it hard remembering?

MP3: Donovan – People Used To

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