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Look: The 2 oz. Backpacker by Robert S. Wood
Look: Pleasure Packing by Robert S. Wood
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As Rocky points out, most national park employees are majorly underpaid, often using their masters degrees while working seasonally for decades before a permanent job opens. Perhaps that’s the reason that Lydia L. White, age 48, of Hooper, Colorado, allegedly stole $750,000 from Great Sand Dunes National Park from March 2007 through December 2010. She is charged with 145 counts of theft of government property and 53 counts of money laundering. That one didn’t make it onto The Morning Report. More info at National Parks Traveler.

What about the NPS stealing from us? As I’m sure many of you have noticed while traveling through some our country’s great public lands, there seems to be quite a few structures that might not have been the best allocation of federal money. Did Yellowstone need a $27 million Visitor Center? Maybe? I’m not sure.

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Cruise eBay and buy up all of these vintage National Park View-master slides in all of their saturated Kodachrome goodness. And if the throwback handheld viewer doesn’t suit your fancy, get the grown-up version here.

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CS x Outside

To learn more about the pictures above , head on over to this week’s CS column, “From The Lean-To: ATC Hiker Photo Archive,” on Outside. And that young feller in the red shorts on the bottom right? Yes, it’s this guy.

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The article I wrote about Peters Mountain Works for New York Times Style Magazine’s The Moment was printed in last week’s Sunday Styles. Click on the image above to see a large scan.

And in case you missed the Cold Splinters modeling debut (something I never expected to type on this website) with friends Tom from Archival Clothing and Peter from Best Made Co., check that out here. The photo shoot was a real trip, despite the fact that I had a temperature and could barely stand up.

More to come from NYTimes x Cold Splinters, so stay tuned.

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Yes, GORP, GRANOLA, and all those other trail snacks  are all about personal preference and the art of worldly wisdom. (The GORP pictures above, from an old BACKPACKER, feature a recipe with Teddy Grahams. Genius.)  And on the few occasions that posts about food have showed up on this rag, the conversations have turned out to be pretty darn interesting. Nerdy as hell, but pretty darn interesting nonetheless. Most of the time, as I’m sure you’ll agree, trail snacks are better to make at home (when you’re carving your pumpkins this season, roast the seeds and stick em in whatever you’re hiking with) but it doesn’t always pan out like that. Case in point: EARLY BIRD GRANOLA. Without diving too deep – it’s granola, for heaven’s sake – this stuff, made in Brooklyn, NY, makes you wonder what else you’ve been missing out on over the years. I guess sometimes you just have to leave it to the pros.

**Go get yourself some and then tell me what’s better.

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