Cathy Johnson

Field Illustrator Cathy Johnson wrote and illustrated a book for the Sierra Club in 1990 titled Sketching in Nature. In researching Johnson’s work a bit more, I happened across her huge archive of work on flickr and had to share. Incredible detail with very minimal marks, it’s hard not to love the attention she pays to design and text on each hand-bound sketchbook page. Littered throughout her flickr are photos of her repurposed mini watercolor “field boxes” for work outdoors. It’s amazing to see how she curates what materials to bring to each spot.

Good morning!


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One Response to Cathy Johnson

  1. Dan October 25, 2011 at 1:24 pm #

    Wow that is quite the collection. Not only are the illustrations excellent, but the photography and captions really allows you to get a behind the scenes look.

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