Pictures of things to read while hiking the Appalachian/Long Trail (they’re one in the same for about 100 miles) in and around Killington, Vermont last week. That is one handsome part of the long and winding road.

MP3: Four Tet – Angel Echoes


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One Response to VT AND THE AT

  1. Poppy August 22, 2011 at 11:56 am #

    Glad to see a mention of the Catamount Trail. A much lesser known trail than either the LT or AT, it is one of Vermont’s winter jewels. It’s an end-to-end backcountry ski trail extending the length of Vermont along the spine of the Green Mountains. It links into Nordic centers and villages along the way for those who choose to do multiple legs back to back. Accordingly it runs at lower elevations than the LT/AT. Route info, membership etc. available on their website http://www.catamounttrail.org/

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