Scorpion Antivenom

For those of you in the southwestern part of these United of States, you’ll be glad to know that last week, the FDA approved the first-ever antivenom specifically for the treatment of┬áscorpion stings. The drug, developed in Mexico, is called Anascorp, and is capable of rapidly reversing the symptoms of scorpion bites, which can include fluid in the lungs, breathing problems, excess saliva, blurred vision, slurred speech, trouble swallowing, abnormal eye movements, and muscle twitching.

“This is an historic event,” Leslie Boyer, MD, lead investigator on the antivenom’s clinical trials, said in a press statement. “This is the first-ever drug approved for this use by the FDA; the first-ever drug that we are aware of being developed fully in Latin America and subsequently approved by the FDA; the first-ever scorpion antivenom proved effective under controlled clinical trials; and the first-ever antivenom with so few allergic reactions.”

Adventure Medical Kits, take note. More info on Anascorp here.


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