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Rabbit Island

In February of 2010, Rob Gorski (NYC) and Andrew Ranville (UK) purchased a 90 acre island on Craigslist (seriously), 3 miles off the coast of Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula. They recently ran a Kickstarter which was funded to facilitate their plan to build an Artist Residency on the island. This island is virtually untouched as it stands. Rob and Andrew are breaking ground this summer to build a single small cabin which will house resident visual artists, musicians, and writers. Best Made Co. threw ‘em some gear too.

Dip over to their site to find out more on the project, and see some amazing photos of the island. Such a good looking, good-feeling project.

Check out their site here, photos here, Facebook here.

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Pictures of things to read while hiking the Appalachian/Long Trail (they’re one in the same for about 100 miles) in and around Killington, Vermont last week. That is one handsome part of the long and winding road.

MP3: Four Tet – Angel Echoes

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The Burning House

I’m assuming that The Burning House needs very little introduction, but in case you’re not hip to it just yet, here’s your chance. Foster Huntington, the man behind the “shoe throwing” blog as a friend once called it, A Restless Transplant, asks that million dollar question, “What would you grab from your house if it was burning down?” Readers send in photos and he posts them. And there you have it.

The Anthropologist, Anthropology’s site that, from what I can tell is dedicated to art projects of sorts, is running a feature on The Burning House that Foster was responsible for photographing. He came on over to CS headquarters a couple of weeks ago and shot the photo above. Read the feature here.

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A new post from the CS column on Outside, “From The Lean-To,” is live and ready for your reading pleasure. Eat it up.

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Friends, Brothers, Sisters, Strangers In The Night,

Cold Splinters is headed out west to Portland, Oregon this week, so if you’re around, please drop me a line. I’ll be in the city for the majority of my stay and would love to meet up and grab a beer.

See you there?

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CS on GQ

GQ tapped me to do a story about the most stylish environmentalists of all time. Yes, you read that correctly. Read it here.

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Encountering Space

Encountering Space: The Fire Lookouts of Montana:

Working deep in the back country of Montana’s rugged Rocky Mountains, Pittsburgh-based photographer Tom Persinger photographed three men who spend their summers perched high atop peaks keeping watch over some of our nation’s most pristine places miles from the nearest road or modern convenience. Day and night they scan the horizon for curly gray wisps of smoke rising from the forest below: a tell tale sign of fire.

Through photographs and recorded interviews this project seeks to better appreciate each of their choices, understand their sense of place, reveal the perceptions they have of their surroundings, and offer each of us the possibility to better understand ourselves.”

Check out some some great stills from the film over at Tom Persinger’s site.

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The United States Geological Survey has loads of maps for sale on their website (shocker, right?) and some of their National Park and Forest Service maps, which come in the historic variety (the image on top is a map of the Great Sand Dunes National Monument, now the Great Sand Dunes National Park) and the modern variety (the RoMo map on bottom) can even be downloaded for free. And they’re huge files, so if your little heart desires, you can blow them up and hang them on the wall of your apartment/office/bathroom/yurt etc. Have at it.

MP3: Ween – So Long Jerry

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Adding hot water to an instant packet of oatmeal or mac and cheese is easy as pie, sure, but you have the wrappers to deal with, you need about 5 of them to feel full, bla bla bla. It might take a few extra minutes to cook, but if you’ve got that time, and I know you all do, try bringing bulgur wheat along the next time you’re in the woods. It’s cheap, cooks quickly (buy the least coarse variety you can find), and tastes just as good with something sweet for breakfast as it does with something salty for dinner. That means if you’re in a safe enough place to do it, you can make extra at night and use the leftovers in the morning.

Put some dry bulgur in your bowl, add boiling water, cover it for a couple of minutes, and when it’s soft enough for your liking (I prefer it a little chewy, actually), sprinkle on whatever you’ve got in your pack. Honey and raisins, dried mushrooms and chili sauce, sardines and sliced almonds. Enjoy it.

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No Van

Christine Hewitt is a great photographer and author of the blog, Me, Van, Bike. She wrote a gut-wrenching post yesterday about watching her home, a GET AWAY hi-top camper van go up in flames (nearly with her in it). Needless to say, she literally watched all of her belongings burn to the blacktop, her computer, a few harddrives, all of her clothes, wallet, phone, everything. We should help her out. You can donate securely through paypal, linked on her blog, and should head that way anyways to check out her photos.

I’m going to go write “My Own Camper Van Fund” on a mason jar, brb.

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