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John Gierach

John Gierach is an American author and freelance writer living and working in Larimer County, Colorado. He has to date written over 20 books on fly-fishing, and is a regular contributor to Field & Stream, as well as having a monthly column in the NY Times. Watch that video above and chew on it for a bit.

This is a great life we live.

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Over The Hill

MP3: Loudon Wainwright III – Over The Hill (Duet With Kate McGarrigle)

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Louis Reith

If you’re not familiar with Louis Reith and you’d like to see more (which I’m sure you probably do), visit Reith’s homepage, Flickr account, and Little Paper Planes page. And when you’re done ooohin and ahhin, check out the Dutch artist’s Camp Out Zine.

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New Section of CDT

Thank you to Rocky for alerting us of the new section of the Continental Divide Trail, important to the few of us that thru hike it each year. The trail has long threaded through the west side of Rocky Mountain National Park, following a big old concrete road for some of the way. After months of work, the NPS has now dedicated a new 1-mile section of the CDT called the Bowen Connector, which pulls off the trail away from the road as it connects RoMo with Arapaho National Forest north of Grand Lake.

Read more about it at The Coloradoan.

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The Pine Barrens

“The pork was delicious and almost crisp. Fred gave me a potato with it, and a pitcher of melted grease from the frying pan to pour over the potato. He also handed me a loaf of bread and a dish of margarine, saying, “Here’s your bread. You can have one piece or two. Whatever you want.”

Fred apologized for not having a phone, after I asked where I would have to go make a call, later on. He said, “I don’t have no phone because I don’t have no electric. If I had electric, I would have had a phone in here a long time ago.” He uses a kerosene lamp, a propane lamp, and two flashlights.

He asked where I was going, and I said that I had no particular destination, explaining that I was in the pines because I found it hard to believe that so much unbroken forest could still exist so near the big Eastern cities, and I wanted to see while it was still there.”

- John McPhee, The Pine Barrens

MP3: Johnny Horton – Whispering Pines

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From Ashes to Forest

From Ashes to Forest is a feature length film archived on the goldmine that is the National Film Board of Canada. Shot in Banff and Wood Buffalo National Parks, this film released in 1984 surfaces the need for fire to promote the renewal and health of the forest. Also called into question are the risks involved with the Smokey Bear campaign and brand of fire management.

Mostly, the film is beautiful, the soundtrack is majorly feel-good era specific, and it’s educational as can. Maybe you’ll learn a thing or two.

Watch it here.

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If anyone knows more about OREGON RAINBOW, the magazine/art project whose Summer 1976 issue I found while out west last week, please speak up. I can’t find too much on the world wide web about this beauty, and that’s a goddamn dirty rotten shame. This thing is filled with poetry, photos, history and more, all of which celebrate the handsome Pacific Northwest. More pics after the jump..

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I got home last night from a week long jaunt out to Portland, OR and Las Vegas, NV, and this morning, while going through all the missed mail, I came across this beautiful postcard. Mark, a friend who I’ve written about several times on this rag, and his equally adventurous wife, Elisa, have, as you can see, moved to the ocean. I’ll be up there real soon.

Hope everyone is having a good week.

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Mountain Fresh To Go

“Looked amazingly simple, but of course there was much going on behind the scene. Building the soundtrack, for example, we found that we could not stretch the words out over the full 30 seconds, had to settle for 20-plus to be understandable–which meant the visuals had to not show any bike at first. Then trying to capture the actual motorcycle shot we found that we could not pan fast enough as the bike passed, so we had to make a hidden cut during the pan. And neither the weather nor the motorcycle itself cooperated at first–we had to go out filming on three different days to get the bike actually operating properly, at a time when Mount Rainier was also visible!”


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Danner and Tanner

If you’re out in Portland tonight and love the smell of new leather, come on down to 1308 W. Burnside. Danner and Tanner Goods made a beautiful boot together, The Mountain Light Lownsdale, and we’re all going to celebrate. See you there?

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