Danner Stumptown

It was many years ago, while at the Savers on Broadway, the thrift store that’s most likely responsible for the existence of this rag, that I first saw a Danner boot. It was an older model that’s no longer made, and had a big ol’ MADE IN THE USA tag on it, before that was a discussion point on the blogs. Before there were blogs. I bought them, did some research when I got home (there was internet back then), and, well, if you hike, then you probably know I came across the Mountain Light, arguably one of the world’s most famous hiking boots.

In the 1840s, Portland (Danner’s hometown) was growing like crazy, and stumps from displaced trees couldn’t be cleared fast enough. The city then incorporated them into the infrastructure, painting them white to make them more visible and using them to cross the streets without sinking into the mud during the rainy season. Hence Portland’s nickname, Stumptown. Danner chose that name for their new collection (pictured above) as a symbol of the pride they have for their hometown and its historical logging industry. Stumptown is a “collection of original patterns brought back to life with a modern twist.” Amen. Above are the first 6 of 11 designs that will be in stores on August 15th. Enjoy ‘em.

(Danner is a client of my consulting agency, Cold Splinters.)


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