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Adam Wolpa

Adam Wolpa is an amazing artist/educator working in Michigan. I’m not really giving any context to these grabs from his site, so click over there and get lost for a bit.

Sun is shining, y’all. Have a great weekend.

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I’m sure many of you have long stretches of taking the same food on each hike, swearing by a recipe, not able to understand why you ever ate anything else. Happens to me all the time. Then, a week or two later, you’ll find something totally different and have the same love affair. These past couple of weeks have been the good ol’ PBHB (judging the B’s ripeness and not smooshing it in your pack is a camping skill in itself, yeah?) because, really, there’s not much better. Period. Sure, if you’re home and the bananas are frozen, that’s better. And if you have the energy to toast up the bread a little near the fire, that’ll make it slightly better too. And, of course crunchy. Always crunchy. What do y’all got?

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CS x Outside Magazine

This week’s Cold Splinters column on Outside Magazine, From The Lean-To, is all about Jack Brull’s Salt Stained Eyes. Read it here.

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Group Inerane

The picture will make sense in a second….

MP3: Group Inerane – Awal September

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Campmor, 1985

Thank you to CS reader Rick Stowe for mailing us this beautiful Campmor catalogue from 1985. More pictures to come, but if you get still get these things in the mail, they’re not too much different than they were 15 years ago. Except maybe for the cost of a WhisperLite. And the bear on the cover…

MP3: Pearl Jam – Insignificance

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Fort Standard

Fort Standard is the design firm of Gregory Buntain and Ian Collings, two friends that studied industrial design together at Pratt. I spent a couple of nights with them on the Appalachian Trail last summer, and before we started hiking, they gave our group the opportunity to earn their handmade merit badges for completing activities like naked swimming, tree climbing, fire making and river crossing. We all earned as many as we could…

Since that trip, in addition to their pendants, tables, and terrariums, they’ve been very busy hand making and painting an updated version of those merit badges from last summer. I visited Greg and Ian last week to buy some presents, eat a slice of Key Lime pie, and take in the waterfront view from their Red Hook, BK shop window. Let me tell you, friends, even if you don’t get a chance to do a naked river crossing this summer, you should still pick up their merit badge necklace. Yes, it’s the thing pictured above, and yes, it’s a beauty.

+++ BUY IT HERE +++

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Trail Mix Volume 2

Thank you to Geoff Holstad, artist and contributor to Cold Splinters, for providing the self-described “eclectic” music on the second installment of the Trail Mix. His blog, So Sweaty, regularly makes me question my decision to leave the midwest. Lake Michigan never looked so good.

Enjoy the tunes and that wonderful album cover above (made by Geoff, of course) and have yourselves another great weekend.

Download: Trail Mix Volume 2 – So Sweaty

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The Delaware Water Gap

Grab a canoe and have at it.

MP3: Brewer & Shipley – Shake Off The Demon

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When In Doubt, Go Higher

Sure, we’re late in posting this, BUT, the summer issue of Colorado’s Mountain Gazette, #180 – HIGH SUMMER, is out and ready for you to put in your pack and read under the moonlight. One of the best magazines around.

Subscribe here.

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Danner Stumptown

It was many years ago, while at the Savers on Broadway, the thrift store that’s most likely responsible for the existence of this rag, that I first saw a Danner boot. It was an older model that’s no longer made, and had a big ol’ MADE IN THE USA tag on it, before that was a discussion point on the blogs. Before there were blogs. I bought them, did some research when I got home (there was internet back then), and, well, if you hike, then you probably know I came across the Mountain Light, arguably one of the world’s most famous hiking boots.

In the 1840s, Portland (Danner’s hometown) was growing like crazy, and stumps from displaced trees couldn’t be cleared fast enough. The city then incorporated them into the infrastructure, painting them white to make them more visible and using them to cross the streets without sinking into the mud during the rainy season. Hence Portland’s nickname, Stumptown. Danner chose that name for their new collection (pictured above) as a symbol of the pride they have for their hometown and its historical logging industry. Stumptown is a “collection of original patterns brought back to life with a modern twist.” Amen. Above are the first 6 of 11 designs that will be in stores on August 15th. Enjoy ‘em.

(Danner is a client of my consulting agency, Cold Splinters.)
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