On my recent trip to northern New Hampshire last week, after a climb and a few IPAs and a black bean pizza at The Moat, Mark and I stopped in at the basement consignment shop at IME. North Conway’s not so bad, huh?

Unfortunately I didn’t find anything that fit (if i were a little bit larger, I would have been broke after 20 minutes) but I did grab this old map from the used book section up front. IME leads guided trips to this region and has brought many back over the years. It is a real beauty, and although I wish my scanner was big enough to scan the entire thing, these images of the front of back give you a pretty good idea.

Helambu is a region of highland villages in Nepal, close to Kathmandu and Langtang, a region that borders Tibet just north of Kathmandu, is protected as Langtang National Park, the first Himalayan National Park.  And Gosaikund? Well, that’s an alpine freshwater lake in the park, located at 14,370 ft above sea level. Pretty useless information if you’re at your computer, but the map sure is nice…


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2 Responses to Helambu-Langtang

  1. Matt June 30, 2011 at 1:33 pm #

    Interesting point about Gosainkund. The lake is often frozen, and it is customary for a woman to bathe herself in it in order to ensure health and long life for her husband.

    My wife did it, and I’m still alive years later!

    Some pics here:

  2. Poppy July 8, 2011 at 4:37 am #

    I trekked in the Langtang Helambu region in the mid 90′s. The map I used was quite “primitive” and printed like an architect’s blueprint and it has faded considerably over the years. It wasn’t very accurate and our party got “lost” for a few days. Beautiful area! Thanks for the memories

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