In the Shadow Of A Rainbow

I don’t know too much about art, but I recognize a Peter Parnall when I see it. Spotted this cover on a lonely stoop this morning while riding past on my bicycle. Haven’t read this one yet, but so far, so good. And it was free, of course. Anyone out there finished it?

In The Shadow Of A Rainbow:

First published in 1974, this classic tale of friendship, courage, and the wild has captured hearts of all ages. In 1970, a young Indian who introduced himself as Gregory Tah-Kloma beached his canoe near the author’s Babine Lake campsite in the backwoods of British Columbia. Night after night by the campfire, the young Indian told the remarkable story of his devotion to a pack of timber wolves and their legendary female leader: Náhani, “the one who shines.” This extraordinary tale has touched many readers over the years with its moving portrayal of the friendship between Greg and Náhani. Certain names and locations have been altered, but the facts of Gregory Tah-Kloma’s adventures with Náhani are as he told them to Robert Leslie.

More Parnall here.


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2 Responses to In the Shadow Of A Rainbow

  1. funkn' gonuts May 25, 2011 at 3:18 pm #

    yea i read that one. put it on my stoop this morning actually. this basically sums it up.

  2. "Cheechako Charlie" Stevenson June 9, 2012 at 1:27 pm #

    (June 9, 2012) O’Siyo! Best wishes to everyone, and to all your relations!

    I was given this book years ago by my stepfather, of blessed memory, and have since read and re-read it at least a dozen times, and continue to, at least twice a year. More importantly, I’ve given about twenty copies away, to people who have the wilderness skies in their eyes, and the quiet of deep winter woods in their hearts. I recommend it.

    Let me also recommend “The Nightwolf Show,” Friday evenings (Eastern) on WPfW and by streaming at, now in its 12th year. This is the work of Mr. Jay Winter Nightwolf, American Indian spokesperson and activist, whom you’re not likely to hear, actually, any time soon on Pox News… I’ve been with him since the show began. Give him and his guests a listen some time… And stop by the studio if you come to DC…

    Cheechako Charlie
    Metro Washington, DCd

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