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Fight for Wild America

The 2005 documentary about David Brower’s life and career, titled Monumental: David Brower’s Fight for Wild America, is available to watch on Netflix. If you haven’t seen this yet, get inspired. David Brower, the former leader of the Sierra Club and noted by many as responsible for the modern environmental movement, is held in high-regard for his steadfastness and unwillingness to budge in defense of wild America, alongside Edward Abbey and few others. Beautiful film with some amazing footage of the American west from the 30′s onward.

Check out the trailer after the jump.
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The Language and Music Of The Wolves

Some of the information that this 1971 Museum Of Natural History record presents are now somewhat inaccurate (*), but there is nothing wrong with hearing Robert Redford talking about wolves in North America while you hear them howl in the background. Download the record below and click the image above for much more info. Side B has no Sundance Kid, just howling. The most perfectly terrifying sound from the “comfort” of your tent. 

MP3: The Language and Music of the Wolves – Side A

MP3: The Language and Music of the Wolves – Side B

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Have A Good Weekend

I have still yet to be around a campfire when someone pulls out their flute, but I suppose that anything is possible. And yes, I’ll say it, I think I’d rather hear a flute than a Martin Backpacker Guitar (I’ve made fun of those things too many on this blog, I know) plucking the sweet sounds of “Run Around,” because really, is there another song that it knows how to play? 

Do any of you bring musical instruments other than a Hohner with you? I don’t mean to be a dick about the guitar, but I spent many a minute listening to some really bad renditions of some really good songs while out camping in and around Boulder, CO during college. T’is the season.

Enjoy it out there. And bundle up.

MP3: Davey Graham – Dance for Two People

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