What is hardcore? Fitz Cahall over at Dirtbag Diaries (a CS fav) ponders this claim to be the “homecoming king of the outdoor adventure world”. Remember, talk is cheap but does this even matter? Fitz picks apart the titles in this most recent Dirtbag Diaries podcast.

“Lots of us push ourselves towards something bigger. Busting our lungs on trail runs, entering cyclocross races, crashing bikes, skinning up ridges until we don’t think we’ll have the legs to ski down, kicking crampon steps a thousand at a time, wondering why we got out of bed and packed a backpack before our neighbors even got home from the bar. All of these are entry points to hardcore, things that can break you if you let them, but none of them by themselves is a universal litmus test for being hardcore. Perhaps hardcore can be pursued, but can never be achieved …like enlightenment.”

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