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Have a good weekend

I leave tomorrow morning on a 10 day adventure in Peru, so y’all take care of yourselves and have a very merry halloween. See you when I get back. 

MP3: Los Datsun’s – Who’ll Stop The Rain

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Finis Mitchell

Finis Mitchell (1901–1995) was an American mountaineer and forester based in Wyoming. During the Depression, he and his wife stocked lakes in the Wind River Range with over 2.5 million trout. He served in the Wyoming House of Representatives from 1955 to 1958. At the age of 67 he retired from his job as a railroad foreman and dedicated himself full-time to exploring and writing about the Wind River Range of mountains.

Over the course of his life, Mitchell climbed all but 20 of the 300 peaks in the range. At the age of 73, while on a glacier, he twisted his knee in a snow-covered crevasse. He hacked crude crutches out of pine wood and hobbled 18 miles to find a doctor, and was able to resume climbing until the age of 84, when further injury to the knee from a fall put an end to his solo climbing career.

In 1975, he published a guidebook to the range called Wind River Trails, and in 1977, the University of Wyoming gave him an honorary doctorate. Congress named the mountain Mitchell Peak after him — one of the few landforms to ever be named after a living American.

Read: Finis Mitchell on the Forest Service website

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Eagle Owl

The Bubo-Bubo in slow motion.

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Baidarka + The Starship and The Canoe

Baidarka is the name sometimes used for an Aleutian style sea kayak. A prominent feature of a baidarka is its forked bow (bifurcated bow). Very lightweight and maneuverable, it was made out of seal skin sewed only by Aleut women, over a frame made strictly of driftwood (since no trees grow in the Aleutian Islands), bone and sinew. It was treated as a living being by Aleut men (it was taboo for women to handle them).

George Dyson, son of astrophysicist Freeman Dyson, is often credited with the revival of the baidarka, through his company Dyson, Baidarka & Company, though Dyson’s Baidarkas are made from modern materials such as aluminium for the frame and coated polyester fabric for the skin.. Dyson and his boats were the subject of Kenneth Brower’s book The Starship and the Canoe, a book I just finished reading and the obvious reason for this post. Brower’s story chronicles Freeman, who is trying to build an inexpensive spaceship to travel the cosmos, and George, who is living in a tree in British Columbia, building a kayak to travel the coast. Awful title, wonderful book.

MP3: The Doobie Brothers – It Keeps You Runnin’

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Have a Good Weekend

There are few things in this world that make me happier than Van Morrison. And while my head has a faint pounding to it this morning, a result of the Celebration Ales that accompanied last night’s dinner of veggie burgers and slices of pecan pie, this clip of Van doing “Warm Love” (a clip that was gone from Youtube for a while) is the world’s best Advil.  

Have a good weekend. Burn some billboards.

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Grandma Gatewood

Emma Rowena Gatewood, better known as Grandma Gatewood, was the first woman to hike the Appalachian Trail. She did it in 1955 at the age of 67, wearing Keds sneakers and carrying an army blanket, a raincoat, and a plastic shower curtain which she carried in a homemade bag slung over one shoulder. 

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Fjällräven + Cold Splinters Part II (Svamp)

Above is Part II of the  video series I worked on with Good Ol’ Fjällräven. This time we’re on the Appalachian Trail, romping through the woods to Telephone Pioneers Shelter and Nuclear Lake, a short way from the Appalachian Trail stop on the Metro North. Enjoy it. 


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Alpinist 32

ALPINIST, one of the best looking magazines around, has just released their 32nd issue for your reading and eye popping amazement. (The picture above is from the archives, not from 32.) Articles in the new issue include “Earth Stone and Sky” and “On The Trails Of Glaciers”:

In 1909 the Duke of the Abruzzi attempted K2. Although he didn’t get the summit, his expedition photographer, Vittorio Sella, captured some of the most beautiful mountain images in history. A century afterward, Fabiano Ventura traveled to the Karakoram to re-create these and other legendary shots. Along the way, he uncovered visual proof that the world’s glaciers are shrinking.

If you’ve been on this blog more than once and you’ve never seen an ALPINIST, do yourself a favor and chalk up the 12.99 to buy one.

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Ocean in view! O! The joy!

While paying for a taco this weekend after a nice hike across Fire Island, I found a Lewis and Clark nickel at the bottom of my pocket. I can honestly say I had no idea that these existed, and while it’s not the most exciting thing in the world, it is a handsome coin. O, the joy.

Hope yours was mighty fine.

MP3: Loudon Wainwright III – Pretty Little Martha

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Have A Good Weekend

The Mountains Are Calling and I Must Go

MP3: William Truckaway – Be The One (thx)

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