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Glen Denny – YOSEMITE IN THE 60S

If you want to see some more of Glen Denny’s amazing pictures of YOSEMITE IN THE 60s, click here, feel bad about not living out west (unless you do live out west) and get lost for a couple of hours. What a real treat.

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White Pine Blister Rust

Nevada’s beautiful Great Basin National Park boasts the oldest trees on the planet, the bristlecone pine. The oldest living tree of the bunch, named Methuselah, is over 4,800 years young. According to a NYT article posted yesterday, scientists say these ancient trees may soon come in contact with not only white pine blister rust, an Asian fungus that came to the United States from Asia, via Europe, a century ago, but the ubiquitous native pine bark beetle as well.

There are three species of bristlecones — the Great Basin, Foxtail and Rocky Mountain. As of now, only the Rocky Mountain has been effected, but scientists believe it’s only a matter of time until it spreads to the rest of them. More info at NYT.

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Fjällräven NYC

If you live in New York City, then you should attend this ol’ shindig. October 6th. See you there?

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After trying for a week or so to get through to the Sven-Saw people to get some more info on the brand, I finally got a call back from the founder, Mr. Svenson, who proceeded to talk my ear off about the first Sven-Saw he sold to REI many, many years ago. He was a wonderful man who makes a pretty darn great product, a fixture at many of the AT lean-tos you’ll stay at along the trail. If you haven’t heard of Duluth, MN’s collapsable saw, go to the Sven-Saw website and find out very little more info. It’s a ghost town over there, I tell you what..

More on that conversation to come.

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Edward Abbey Continued..

A good man named Eric Temple has a couple of great Edward Abbey videos that he’s uploaded on Vimeo for our viewing pleasure. You can enjoy those right here. Included in the set is this one from an old NBC show called Almanac, which if I had to choose, I’d watch first.

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Have A Good Weekend

It  has been a long, long, long week. Tons more starting again next week. Have a great one and I’ll see you soon.

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REI Is Coming

Recreational Equipment Inc is moving into the Puck Building on Houston in NYC. That is going to be one big store. Lordy.

MP3: J Tillman – Come On Baby Lets Go Downtown (Thank you JG + AD)

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Painted Buffalo Hides

From Prairie Edge Trading Company and Gallery:

It was traditional in some ancient Plains Indian cultures for women to render geometric patterns and men, pictographic design. Historically, a robe was worn with the head to the left when it was wrapped around the body, and the painting would be displayed on the outside with the fur next to the body for warmth.

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Tom Killion

I’ve been catching up with Jay Carroll as of late, and in doing so, I’ve also been getting in deep to his sorta-newish One Trip Pass blog. I stayed up late last night staring at these Tom Killion prints of the High Sierra, California Coast, Big Sur and San Francisco bay. Jay calls them “mesmerizing.” I do too.

See more of Killion’s work here.

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Best Made Co.

The maps might be almost sold out (hopefully they’ll make some more as they are handsome as can be) but Best Made Co now has their entire line of axes up on their site for purchase and viewing pleasure.

And in case you haven’t been there, Best Made has a great blog to read after you’ve finished chopping your wood.

MP3: Bob Marley – Small Axe

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