VBS + Oregon Fire Lines

The Filson booth at OR sure was handsome, especially when juxtaposed with the dreadlocked teenagers walking across tightropes a hundred feet away. (I’m not knocking dreadlocks or walking across a nylon chord. Both are extremely difficult achievements.) The Seattle-based Filson has collaborated with San Francisco-based Levi’s and made some co-branded workwear together. Check it out here.

Even more exciting is that they’ve tapped VBS (who also brought you Heimo) to make a series of videos to help promote the collaboration. Lucky for us. The first installment is a two-parter called “Oregon Fire Lines” that chronicles the daily work of the wildland firefighters who work for Grayback Forestry in Southern Oregon. Go watch it and be thankful/depressed that you work at a computer.

Watch: The Oregon Fire Lines – We Are All Workers | VBS.TV


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One Response to VBS + Oregon Fire Lines

  1. Michael Mundy August 26, 2010 at 10:24 pm #

    The Oregon fire fighters are awesome. They just saved my friends ranch out in Maupin. The fire passed within a hundred yards.

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