Butch Cassidy + Aron Ralston

The Robbers Roost was an outlaw hideout in southeastern Utah that was used mostly by Butch Cassidy and his Wild Bunch gang. It was considered ideal because of the rough terrain and large amount of lookout points. Robbers Roost was easily defended, difficult to navigate into without detection, and excellent when the gang needed a month or longer to rest and lay low following a robbery.

The Robbers Roost is also where, in May 2003, Aron Ralston was canyoneering when a boulder pinned his arm to the wall, forcing him to cut the limb off in order to survive. Danny Boyle has gone done and made a movie about Ralston called 127 hours, and the trailer, courtesy of The Adventure Life (Mr. Casimiro worked on the movie), can be viewed after the jump

MP3: Burt Bacharach – Come Touch The Sun


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