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When talking about Glacier (see below), it’s impossible not to mention the Blackfoot. The Blackfoot had a territory that stretched from the North Saskatchewan River along what is now Edmonton, Alberta in Canada, to the Yellowstone River of Montana in the United States, and from the Rocky Mountains and along the South Saskatchewan River, east past the Cypress Hills.

Fast forward a little bit…In 1896, the Blackfoot sold a large portion of their land to the American government with hopes of finding gold or copper, but found nothing. In 1910, the land they sold officially became known as Glacier National Park. Today, many of the Blackfoot live on reserves in Canada. About 8,500 live on the 1,500,000 acre Montana reservation.

Way more information here.

MP3: Young Grey Horse Society – Grass Dance Song*

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Glacier Turns 100

Ahhh. Beautiful, beautiful, Glacier National Park.

In 1891, the Great Northern Railway crossed the Continental Divide at Marias Pass. In an effort to stimulate use of the railroad, the Great Northern soon advertised the beauty of the region to the public. The company lobbied the United States Congress, and in 1897, the park was designated as a forest preserve. In 1910, a bill was introduced into the U.S. Congress which redesignated the region from a forest reserve to a national park. The bill was signed into law by President William Howard Taft on May 11, 1910. That means next week is Glacier’s 100th birthday.

To celebrate, Glacier has set up, a site dedicated to the history of the park. Just one more reason to visit that amazing place. Go, go, go, go, go.

MP3: The Vern Williams Band – Montana Cowboy

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1983 Appalachian Trail Log

The Don Nelan Shelter, which was burned by vandals in 1990, was located in Sugar Hollow in Carter County, Tennessee. The shelter’s complete log from 1983, along with a wealth of other great information and stories, can be found at the Appalachain Trail Museum’s website. Iin case you can’t see all that well, the log from above reads:

3/12/83: Snow, Snow, Snow- about 3 inches. 7:00 a.m. and it’s cold as shit. Thanks to T.E.H.C. for nice shelter. There have been several obscene notes recorded in here previously. We destroyed all but the one before. My response to it is, when the weather is hot and sticky that’s no time to dunk your dick but when the frost is on the pumpkin thats the time for dicky dunkin. Hope everyone after us freezes also, Ha-Ha. Time to head for Dennis Cove and consume some Tang, apples, and Spam. HAPPY HIKING TO ALL! 
                                Matthew, Clark, Bob, Willis
                                     Georgia –> Maine 

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Donna Jean

It’s just that time of year…

MP3: Jerry Garcia Band (Featuring Donna Godchaux) – Down Home

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All That The Rain Promises and More

All That the Rain Promises, and More is a wild mushroom identification and field guide by American mycologist David Arora. Published in 1991, the book includes detailed descriptions of more than 200 edible and poisonous mushroom species, as well as recipes, stories, and information on uses of various species such as for dying hair and clothing or playing games. In the preface, Arora writes:

“In leafing through these pages, you may wonder what all the ‘fanciful,’ ‘foolish,’ or (shudder) ‘extraneous’ material is doing in a factual guide. After all, it is the practical, hands-on, how-to-identify information that makes this book usefull and gives it substance. But I ask: is it any stranger or less desirable to sprinkle the facts with flakes of fancy than it is to liven up solemn, substantial fare like potatoes with something fancier and more flavorful, like wild mushrooms?”

Read it here and then buy it here.

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John Denver and the Muppets: Rocky Mountain holiday

Daniel found this tape at a Haverstraw, NY thrift store this weekend, and while I can’t imagine many things cheesier, it’s got a few good moments. Very few. Watch some videos here.

MP3: John Denver and The Muppets – Going Camping

MP3: John Denver and The Muppets – Down By The Old Mill Stream

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