Righty and Lefty

After spending most of my yesteryear in the Chicago suburbs, I was always under the impression that Euchre was a midwest thing. But after living in New England New York for the last five years (good lord), I’ve found more and more people from all over the country who know how to play. (They were taught by a midwesterner?) If you find someone who knows what Righty and Lefty are, it’s an instant bond, an instant club. Whenever my college roommate’s family came to visit, we would go to dinner, stock up at Liquormart and then rush home to start a Euchre tournament that would usually last most of the night. What a way to spend a Friday.

It also happens to be the #1 card game for sitting around a campfire in a Crazy Creek, so if you don’t know how to play, ask a friend to teach you. And if you don’t have any friends that know how to play, bummer.


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4 Responses to Righty and Lefty

  1. Steve April 28, 2010 at 7:59 am #

    Wednesday night euchre tournaments at the local bar… is there a better way to pass the time on a small-town Iowa winter night?

    I remember starting to play in junior high as we would make the bus trips to other local schools for sports… thinking about it now, it seems like I haven’t played in ages. Might have to break out the deck tonight though!

  2. Zach April 28, 2010 at 5:23 pm #

    I love your site, and visit often–but, as a fellow Brooklynite (I believe you live in NYC, and I’ll guess Brooklyn), I have to issue a slight note of correction…NY is not New England. This is minor, I know, but born and raised here, I just felt a twinge.


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