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Tom Thomson

Tom Thomson, Campfire, 1916

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Pump Song/Greatest Story Ever Told

“The Greatest Story Ever Told” on Bob Weir’s Ace is the same song as “Pump Song” on Mickey Hart’s Rolling Thunder. The sun is a shining, so have at it.

MP3: Mickey Hart (featuring Bob Weir) – Pump Song

MP3: Bob Weir – Greatest Story Ever Told

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Colin Fletcher

In the late 1950s, after joining the Royal Marines, serving during World War II, and building roads in Kenya, Welsh-born Colin Fletcher moved to San Francisco. He began hiking in the hills, and two years later, when faced with the decision of whether or not to marry the woman he had been living with, decided to walk the length of California and do some thinking. Fletcher came back, married the girl, and wrote an account of his journey called The Thousand-Mile Summer.

The marriage, unfortunately, lasted less than a year, and in 1963, to mend his broken heart, Fletcher decided to walk the length of the Grand Canyon. In 1968, Fletcher published a book about the adventure, The Man Who Walked Through Time, and The Complete Walker, a backpacking guide that has now sold over 500,000 copies. Because of both books, many consider Fletcher to be the father of modern backpacking. Sadly, Fletcher died in 2007 from complications of head injuries he sustained when he was hit by an SUV near his California home in 2001.

If you haven’t already, pick up a copy of The Man Who Walked Through Time. It’s a quick and inspiring book that will certainly help fuel the I-CAN-NOT-WAIT-FOR-SPRING-fire.

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Edward Abbey Self-Portrait

Over the last thirty or so years, Burt Britton has worked at The Village Vanguard, The Strand, and The Sheridan Square Book Store. He was then a co-owner of the Upper East Side’s Books and Company, which closed in the early 90s. While he worked, he would ask people to draw self-portraits, including Miles Davis, a teenage Kareem Abdul Jabar, Tennesse Williams, and of course, Edward Abbey, whose self-portrait is above. Over 200 were selected for auction this past September, and Abbey’s, in the company of people like Normal Mailer, Frank Gehry and Saul Bellow, still fetched $1900.

MP3: Kate & Anna McGarrigle – Swimming Song

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