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For my birthday, Daniel got me a copy of Shelter, a book from the early 70s that celebrates the “imagination, resourcefulness, and exuberance of human habitat.” It’s basically a scrapbook of yurts, treehouses, tents, domes and all the other types of “green” dwellings that you can build when you leave the city and head for the hills. It’s put together like the hodgepodge of newspaper clippings that a psycho killer keeps on the wall of his dingy apartment in the movies. It’s big like a newspaper with lots of writing, tons of pictures and absolutely no order whatsoever. Even Edward Abbey digs on it:

“How very fine it is to leaf through a 176-page book on architecture – from baliwicks to zomes – and find no places, no pyramids or temples, no cathedrals, skyscrapers, Kremlins or Pentagons in sight..instead, a book of homes, habitations for human beings in all their infinite variety.”

Lloyd Kahn, the book’s editor, has a few of these things that you can buy here.

Thanks Daniel.

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Party In The Pines

Camping in Big Sur and Kurt Vile. Great combination. Check out FADER’s beautiful video of Party In The Pines, the latest and greatest from (((folkYEAH!))), after the jump.

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Museum Of Animal Perspectives

The Museum of Animal Perspectives attaches small cameras to the backs of frogs, moles, armadillos, bison, wolves, alligators, pheasants, crickets, ducks, bees and more. The videos are on Flickr and they’re just as cool as they sound.

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Mikael Kennedy

I’m sure you’re already familiar with Mikael Kennedy’s work, but by small chance you’re not, go check out his website here and feel bad that you don’t have all of these hanging in your apartment. Good lord do I love these photos.

MP3: Jean Ritchie – Sailor, Sailor On The Sea

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Bemidji Woolen Mills


I was reading 10Engines yesterday when I came across the image above, a Scotch Cap from Bemidji Woolen Mills. I spent my summers at camp up in Bemidji, MN and we used to ask our counselors to get us these hats when they would go into town. Sometimes they’d come back with them, sometimes they’d be empty handed and reek of cheap beer from The Squirrel’s Nest. My dark green version was perfect for cold nights in front of the lake, learning to play “Run Around” on a newly purchased black Washburn guitar that was twice my size. Puberty was a long long way off.

On my first day of college in Boulder, Colorado, I was walking through Farrand Field and spotted someone with a blaze orange version. I got closer, dude’s face got clearer, and by the time I was near enough to start the small talk I had prepared in my head on the walk over, I realized it was a friend of mine from camp that had helped teach me guitar chords on Lake Plantagenet. It had been many years since I had seen him and he was playing frisbee with his cousin, another camp buddy, so the three of us chatted for a few minutes about those summers and the merits of looking like Elmer Fudd. I saw those guys all the time for the next four years. Good first day of college.

I’m not a very fashionable guy and I sure as hell don’t know much about any of the latest clothing trends, so I’ll probably look a complete idiot in this hat now, but what the hell. It’s a damn fine thing to keep your head warm when the sun goes down.

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