1,000 pound grizzlies in Yellowstone can’t even get them open, but a small black bear in the Adirondacks named Yellow-Yellow seems to have cracked the BearVault code. Named after the yellow tags in both of her ears, Yellow-Yellow has found away to open the both the BearVault 450, which uses one tab to open the canister, and the BearVault 500, which uses two. And apparently Yellow-Yellow is now teaching other bears too; Campers have reported seeing other bears get into their BearVaults.

Despite her knack for getting into people’s camps and food, Yellow-Yellow, who weighs 350 pounds, is as shy as can be. Ben Tabor, a state wildlife technician who has tracked Yellow-Yellow claims “It would be ridiculous for us to remove Yellow-Yellow at this point. She’s not bold. She doesn’t charge. She steals food but runs away when confronted.”

There’s a pretty amazing story about Yellow-Yellow over at the NYTimes that I highly recommend you read.

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