Ten Mile River Lean-To

A few weeks ago I went camping on the AT at the Ten Mile River Lean-To. Situated in a monster field of weeds and wildflowers surrounded by tall trees, the clean (!) lean-to is only a few hundred feet from its namesake river. Take the Metro North to the Appalachian Trail stop (weekends only) and head northeast (cross the highway) for about 10 miles. You’ll pass the Wiley Shelter 6 miles into the hike, but keep going, because it’s worth the extra time. Only bummer about the Appalachian Trail in Connecticut is that there are no fires allowed. But that ain’t no thang. There’s a huge river to keep you busy.

I spent the night in the lean-to watching and listening to a storm pass over the field while sipping on tequila and blackberry brandy with two friends that I met on the trail. Was a real time. I had put in a fresh roll of film before I headed out of my Brooklyn apartment but the shitty photo above was the only one I took on the entire trip. For the first time, I had no interest in taking out my camera.


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