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Now You Look So Forlorn

Lots of mention of the Grand Canyon here this last week.

MSNBC Reports:

WASHINGTON – The Interior Department announced Monday it is temporarily barring the filing of new mining claims, including for uranium, on nearly 1 million acres near the Grand Canyon.

The land is being set aside for two years so the department can study whether it should be permanently withdrawn from mining activity, according to a notice published in the Federal Register online. The notice covers 633,547 acres under the control of the Bureau of Land Management and 360,002 acres in Kaibab National Forest.

The announcement comes ahead of Tuesday’s congressional hearing on a bill to set aside more than 1 million acres of federal lands north and south of the canyon. The bill’s sponsor, Democratic Rep. Raul Grijalva of Arizona, and environmental groups had been looking to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar for temporary protections at the Grand Canyon while the legislation is pending.

MP3: Alex Chilton – Hey! Little Child

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10 Camping Essentials

A Continuous Lean asked Cold Splinters to make a list of things to bring (or not to bring) camping. The feature went live this morning, so go check it out. Thanks to Michael for asking me to do this. Was a real good time.

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Big Agnes Savery SL

I was originally intrigued by Big Agnes when I read about their integrated bag and pad system, which struck me as a pretty logical way to beat the “I slept for about 10 minutes last night” discussion that seems to plague some camping experiences. That kind of talk is a big bummer when you’re trying to enjoy your coffee before you take your tent down and hike another couple of miles to camp #2. Big Agnes pads slip into the bottom of their sleeping bags, making it impossible to roll off during the night. The Colorado based company was generous enough to send me a bag to test and I’ve been sleeping like a baby since I first took it out. I was sent the Savery SL, a 3-Season Synthetic Mummy that’s not as nearly constrictive as my last mummy bag. The PrimaLoft makes it extremely comfortable, and at 2lbs 13 oz, you’re not sacrificing too much weight for a good night’s sleep. It’s a little hot in these summer months, but on the cool nights of the spring and fall, you’ll be warm and dreaming of the things that you all dream about.

And one of the smaller details of the bag that you’ll love? You can stuff clothes in the hood’s pocket for an instant pillow.

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That 70s Guy

I hadn’t heard this podcast in a while when it came on my iTunes this morning, so I thought I’d repost if you want to take a listen. Originally posted September 12th, 2008.

As you probably already noticed, we post a lot of pictures from the 70s and 80s on this website thing we got going. It wasn’t until this morning, while coming across a wonderful picture of this dude camping, that I remembered a mildly funny podcast from Outside’s Eric Hansen where he decides to turn back the clock and dress the part of a 70s outdoor enthusiast. It’s worth taking a listen.

From the podcast:

“The stars and stripes are flying proudly thanks to my super bitchin’ American flag backpack. ‘Looooking good,’ I say to myself. And it’s true. I am the avatar of the bicentennial outdoors, embodiment of all that is joyous and unbridled.”

MP3: Cactus – Parchman Farm

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Paving The Way


PAVING THE WAY details the story of twelve motorists who took a 5,000-mile epic road trip before there were gas stations and fully paved roads. In 1920, the inaugural tour of the Park-to-Park Highway connected all twelve National Parks in the American West. They promoted tourism to the Parks and better roads for motorists. During the early days of the automobile, when cars got stuck in the mud, they were still being towed out by horses, and gravity-fed fuel lines caused problems up steep grades. Only the rich could afford travel by train or by horse to the National Parks, but the 1920 inaugural tour opened the door for the “everyman,” with his newly affordable automobile, to visit them as well.

After the jump is the Paving The Way trailer and Edward Abbey’s plan for getting cars out of the National Parks. Watch it and read it.

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Kurt Vile

John Lennon told George Martin that he wanted “Tomorrow Never Knows” to sound like a hundred chanting Tibetan monks. “Overnite Religion,” the new Kurt Vile single, sorta sounds like that, but with 99 less monks.

MP3: Kurt Vile – Overnite Religion

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Grand Canyon Suite

#1 Pompous A-hole:

On September 18, 1979, pianist Marden Abadi played selections from Debussy, Gershwin, Chopin, and Grofe’s “Grand Piano Suite” before several hundred people. The park service would not allow the use of a helicopter to lower the one and a half ton, $30,000 rosewood grand piano bellow the rim. Instead a team of about forty people carried the piano and placed it rather precariously by the canyon rim.

The video of this exercise in stupidity is after the jump..

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A former Forest Service cabin in the Pactola Lake basin of Black Hills National Forest, about 20 miles west of downtown Rapid City is on the market for $89,900. (thx)

Humina Humina

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Moose River, Maine, 1973

MP3: Arthur Russell – The Letter

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Obama Picks A National Parks Director

Barack Obama has chosen Jon Jarvis (Jingleheimer Schmidt) as the new National Parks Service Director. Jarvis worked as a seasonal and interpretive ranger, protection ranger, a resource management specialist, a park biologist, and chief of natural and cultural resources. He also served as director for Wrangells-St. Elias and Mt. Rainier. Currently Jarvis is battling CA Senator Dianne Feinstein about an oyster farm in Northern California that he believes poses serious environmental threats to Point Reyes National Seashore. He wants the area revert to wilderness when the farm’s lease is up in 2012 and Feinstein wants to renew their lease and keep the 30 jobs that the farm has created.


(Via Backpacker)

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