Corduroy Mountain

Found out about Corduroy Mountain the other day when I got an email telling me that Cold Splinters had been put on their blogroll. Thanks for that. Peter, the site’s writer, has a real ear for homegrown country rock and the stories that accompany each song are just as fine. Here’s what CM has to say about “Smokies” by Barefoot Jerry:

Barefoot Jerry was an all-star band of Nashville session pros. Friday nights, when the studios closed, these friends would load Ford pickup beds with bags of groceries, instrument cases, and bottles of sour mash. Forty-eight hours of freedom awaited. Tucked in an Appalachian holler was a shotgun shack, its paint peeling from the elements. The men would wheel a piano onto the creaking wood porch, pull out guitars, pass the drink. And so they would play their music, not that of rote producers. Inspired by the living beauty and primal energy of the surroundings, the men wrote “Smokies.” At least that’s what I hope happened.

Go on over and look around. He doesn’t have much up yet, but let’s hope he keeps going. Go Peter. Go.

MP3: Barefoot Jerry – Smokies


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