Whale Watching


A new report by the International Whaling Commission finds that whale watching generates far more money than whale hunting. Iceland disagrees.

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One Response to Whale Watching

  1. Whale are pretty cool June 24, 2009 at 10:36 am #

    The 61st annual meeting of the International Whaling Commission is currently underway in Madeira, Portugal where delgates from whaling nations (for and against) gather to discuss current affairs.

    Despite a global moratorium on whaling in 1986, nations such as Japan, Norway and Iceland continue to illegally hunt whales by guising thier activities as “research”, a loophole that enables them to set thier own catch limit. But everybody knows that no recent scientific discoveries have occured by researching dead whales (only ones that are alive) and that the whale meat is packaged up to be sold at fish markets for profit.

    This in an age where all or the worlds great whale species are endangered or critically endangered due to over hunting. The laws are in place to save these creatures from extinction, however there is no enforcement of the laws on the high seas, so the problem continues.

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