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The Monkey Wrench Gang: The Movie

Edward Abbey’s eco-sabotage classic, The Monkey Wrench Gang, is coming to the silver screen. While the idea of an Abbey book becoming a movie is wonderful, I’m not so into the cast: Matthew McConaughey, Jack Nicholson, Richard Dreyfuss, John Goodman, and Elizabeth Shue.

I assume that Goodman will play George Hayduke, a pissed off bearded ex-green beret who measures distances between two places by how many six packs he can drink while driving. Hayduke is out for the blood of those destroying his beloved desert and will for sure be the main character.

My other guesses are Dreyfuss as Doc Sarvis (not horrible), Shue as Bonnie Abzug (Abzug is just 28 years old and her age plays an important role in her relationship with Abzug. Shue is 46) and McConaughey as Seldon Seen Smith. Whoever Jack Nicholson is, he’ll fuck it up, guarantee it.

The director? Catherine Hardwicke, of Twilight fame. Weiiiiiiiiird.

Anyone know more than me?

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Cold Splinters

Y’all, not only did Cold Splinters turn 1 last week, but The Morning News named us and Remodelista the “Best Blogs that Do One Small Thing Very Well” in their 2009 Editors’ Awards for Online Excellence!

Thanks for reading.

MP3: Roy Wood – Songs Of Praise

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Joe Seliga


In 1934, when Joe Seliga was 23 years old, his 18 foot Morris Canoe was badly damaged on an early spring fishing trip in the Quetico Superior Wilderness near his home in the then roadless, Ely, MN. Joe repaired the canoe’s 21 broken ribs and when word spread about his success, he started a part-time business repairing wood and canvas canoes. In 1938, Joe designed his own form and sold the first canoe he ever built the same day he finished building it. Up until his death in December of 2005, Seliga built 621 canoes (237 of which were sold to the YMCA and church camps which used the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and Quetico Provincial Park) and is regarded as one of the best canoe makers to ever live.

In Jerry Stelmok’s book, The Art of the Canoe with Joe Seliga, Sam Cook’s foreword reads in part:

They are tucked away all over the north country. Hung care fully in garages. Resting on beams in boathouses. Stowed away in sheds. Seliga canoes. Elegant, practical canoes crafted by the hands of Joe and Nora Seliga. Seligas, with their gleaming ribs the color of honey. Seligas, with their perfectly upswept bows. Seligas, built for the rigors of travel in the Minnesota-Ontario border country.

I do not know how many canoes Joe Seliga has built. That doesn’t matter. It was never a numbers thing with Joe. It was a matter of getting the right materials and taking the time to build a boat he was satisfied to put his nameplate on.

Read: Joe Seliga on

Tons more great photos: Seliga Enthusiasts

Look: Bell Canoes’ Seliga Tripper

MP3: Clip From Solitudes Volume 6 – Night On A Wilderness Lake (Full Album)

(thx Bryce)

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