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Review by Brendan Oates

“I reckon this thing be weird looking.” When I first locked in my rope and carabiner with the Mammut Smart, I was slightly baffled by the design.  My climbing partner and I stared at the thing for a moment figuring out the best way to function the lightweight device.  After questioning our cognitive ability, the Smart decided to cooperate with us. The mechanics of the device are similar to the Grigri and Cinch devices, but with those you can choose your belay grip. I belay the traditional, underhand style and the Smart is designed for reverse grip belaying. No questions asked.

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Grigri and Cinch belay devices are definitely a nice option when holding your partner’s weight while they’re resting during a lead climb, but the Mammut Smart cuts cost (it’s $29.95) and weight considerably, and though it’s not auto locking, it provides an assisted-catch for dealing with hard falls.  Top rope belaying is actually quite comfortable and smooth once you get the hang of the Smart.  Feeding slack while lead belaying is fast and clean. It’s suitable for all ropes between 8.5 and 10.5mm.

Down sides: not for use on multi pitch climbs; rappelling can only be done with a single line.

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