Lightning Bugs

I received this email yesterday from Cold Splinters reader, Jeff. Had to share it…

This isn’t blog-worthy but I thought you’d just appreciate it as an extracurricular activity.  I always love the first early weeks of summer when the lightning bugs first hatch.  I was sitting outside yesterday around dusk just enjoying the weather with a few friends when they started lighting up my backyard.  I grabbed a mason jar and collected about 15 of them.  I hadn’t done that since I was about ten and it’s still fun.  We had plans to go to see Star Trek later on that evening so we brought the jar with us.  I released the bugs in the theater and was thoroughly entertained watching them flash about and people confusedly point to them.  The people in front of me got up and moved when I opened the jar.  I was worried they were going to narc me out but all turned out well.

I did have twinges of remorse this morning when I realized they probably all perished in the heavily air-conditioned theater, but part of me thinks it was a pretty fortunate way for them to go.


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  3. sam June 16, 2009 at 10:36 pm #

    on more than one occasion, off the highway, i saw the light of hundreds of fireflies in the fields bleed into the stars in the sky. there was no end to the earth or sky. it was cool.

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