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MP3: Jeffrey Cain – Mockingbird

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First Ascent Team Summits Everest


The First Ascent team has been blogging their way up to the top of Mount Everest for the past few weeks and today at 8 a.m. Nepal time, they reached the 29, 029 foot high summit.

Check out the video here

Check out First Ascent’s photo Gallery here

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MP3: Etta James – Take It To The Limit

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Toyota trucks


Late 80s Toyota truck commercials after the jump…

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Steep and Cheap

Y’all, I’m sure you don’t need a reminder, but just in case you’ve been busy, don’t forget about Steep and Cheap. It could be one of the best websites around. They have HIGHLY discounted camping and outdoor gear, one item at a time. You can even download an application that sits in the bottom right hand corner of Firefox and tells you what’s on sale, how discounted it is, and how much it’ll cost you. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

(EMS has a 20% off sale that ends tonight too)

MP3: Suckers – It Gets Your Body Movin’ (Alternate Version) (thx WTD)

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Texas Star Party

Click here to see a time lapse video of the night sky as it passes over the 2009 Texas Star Party in Fort Davis, Texas.  As my high school English teacher reminded the class on several occasions, “Your problems are small. You’re a dot on a dot on a dot on a dot on a dot on a dot. And so on.”

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Edible Plants – Prospect Park, NY

Cold Splinters went on a tour of Prospect Park this weekend with Wildman Steve Brill, the undisputed king of walking through Central and Prospect Parks while making painfully bad jokes and fake trumpet sounds. Brill also shows you which plants are edible and how to prepare them, knowledge that we regretfully know little about. Despite the nausea that the wild mushroom (Dryad’s Saddle) brought on at the end of our three and a half hour adventure, the walk was full of useful information and we came home with bags full of edible plants and a faint idea of how to prepare them. The highlight was the sassafras root, which you can use to make some great root beer flavored tea. Above is a picture of Wildman being interviewed by the Travel Network reporter that was along for the ride.

More edible plants after the jump…

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Have A Good Weekend


If the thunder don’t get ya, the lightning will. Much more next week. Enjoy the sunshine.

MP3: Jerry Garcia – The Wheel

MP3: Liz Durrett – Wild As Them

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You Did WHat?

Have you read about this? Two seasonal Yellowstone National Park concession workers have been fired after a live webcam caught them urinating into the Old Faithful geyser.

Are you fucking kidding me?

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Sounds Of The Dolphin



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Breakneck Ridge

Breakneck Ridge is in Beacon, NY and considered by many as one of the most challenging and scenic hikes in the area. They’re right. With amazing views of the Hudson River, Breakneck Ridge is rocky and full of scrambles. The good stuff. It’s a great day hike and it’s easy to get to from New York City without the use of an automobile. Take the Metro North Hudson line (make sure you’re in the last train car) and get off at the Breakneck Ridge stop, a little bench in the woods. It’s an 80 minute ride and the train only stops there on the weekends. The trail head is right near the 9D Highway Tunnel.

The hike also overlooks Bannerman Castle, a deserted castle built on an island in the Hudson in 1901. At the time of the castle’s construction, the island was owned by a Scottish munitions dealer named Francis Bannerman. Bannerman used as a residence and a storage facility for his ammunition.

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