Breakneck Ridge

Breakneck Ridge is in Beacon, NY and considered by many as one of the most challenging and scenic hikes in the area. They’re right. With amazing views of the Hudson River, Breakneck Ridge is rocky and full of scrambles. The good stuff. It’s a great day hike and it’s easy to get to from New York City without the use of an automobile. Take the Metro North Hudson line (make sure you’re in the last train car) and get off at the Breakneck Ridge stop, a little bench in the woods. It’s an 80 minute ride and the train only stops there on the weekends. The trail head is right near the 9D Highway Tunnel.

The hike also overlooks Bannerman Castle, a deserted castle built on an island in the Hudson in 1901. At the time of the castle’s construction, the island was owned by a Scottish munitions dealer named Francis Bannerman. Bannerman used as a residence and a storage facility for his ammunition.


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