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MP3: Elvis Presley – If I Can Dream

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Lost Man’s River

About fifteen years after these photos were taken and seventeen years after The Snow Leopard was published, Peter Matthiessen wrote Killing Mr. Watson, a fictional tale of murder set in the Florida Everglades a hundred years ago. He’d go on to write a trilogy of the Watson tale with Lost Man’s River and Bone By Bone to follow. I’ve never read any of these books, but in the midst of doing his research, Matthiessen did a lot of exploring of the Everglades and made a documentary/companion piece to the book appropriately titled Lost Man’s River. Watch it. Matthiessen has a way of making the Everglades seem like the most beautiful yet undesirable place a man could ever want to spend his time. I think it’d be damn near impossible to visit that area and not become obsessed with it.

Lost Man’s River

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She’s The One To Love

MP3: Jonathan Edwards – Everybody Knows Her

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The Wave

The Wave in Arizona. Hells bells, what a place. The Bureau of Land Management limits access to the North Coyote Buttes Wilderness Area to just 20 permits per day.

MP3: Jerry Orbach – Try To Remember

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Ojo de Dios

Ojo de Dios:

In 1966 I was back in Guadalajara again, and saw a Huichol Indian on the pedestrian bridge leading to the marketplace, in his arms a large bundle of ojos. I watched from my vantage place on the second story of that huge central market, fascinated by this Indian’s all white clothes and easy slow movements, as he stood for a few moments and surveyed the busy scene around him while holding his very colorful bundle. Later I bought a couple of the ojos and took them back to where I was staying in the small and exotic town of Ajijic, on Lake Chapala.

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