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Backpacker’s 2009 Gear Guide

Backpacker Magazine has just published their 2009 Gear Guide online. Check out the extensive lists here and stay tuned for several product reviews from yours truly in the weeks to come.

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Everyday is Earth Day

Earth Day

You can’t leave your house without being constantly reminded of Mother Earth’s slow demise. Everyone in the world is trying to be more “green” and thousands of companies want your business because of their alleged dedication to the environment. As I’m sure you know, today is Earth Day, a celebration of our environment that started as a grassroots movement in 1970. Earth Day seems rather outdated in these times, but according to organizers, a billion people will observe Earth Day this year, making it the largest secular civic event in the world. What does that mean? Probably nothing.

MP3: Ron Wood – Mystifies Me (thx)

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Monkey Wrench Gang + Loudon Wainwright III Ctd…

Smith and the doctor passed around the firewater. Abbzug, who did not as a rule drink booze, opened her medicine pouch, removed a Tampax tube, took out some weed and rolled a second little brown cigarette twisted shut at one end. She lit up and passed it around, but no one cared to smoke with her except a relectant Hayduke and his memories.
“The pot revolution is over?” she said.
“All over,” Doc said. “Marijuana was never more than an active placebo anyway.”
“What nonsense.”
“An oral pacifier for colicky adolescents.”
“What utter rubbish.”
The conversation lagged. The two young women from San Diego (a suburb of Tijuana) sang a song called “Dead Skunk in the Middle Of The Road.”

- Edward Abbey, The Monkey Wrench Gang, 1975

Youtube: Loudon Wainwright – Dead Skunk

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The Monkey Wrench Gang

Monkey Wrench Gang

In 1985, as part of The Monkey Wrench Gang’s 10th birthday, Robert Crumb illustrated Edward Abbey’s classic novel about eco-sabotage. The book is Abbey’s most famous work of fiction that tells the story of an unlikely group of misfits – Seldom Seen Smith (a river guide), George Hayduke (an ex-green beret who measures the distance between places by how many six packs he can drink while driving), Doc Sarvis (a surgeon from New Mexico who loves to burn billboards) and Bonnie Azbug (Doc Sarvis’ tough love “partner”) – who reek havoc on the American Southwest by destroying the dams, bridges, and machines that they believe are destroying it. The Monkey Wrench Gang is widely recognized as the literature that spawned Dave Foreman‘s and Mike Roselle‘s Earth First.

Dream Garden Press is the place to go to get this version of the book. I highly highly recommend spending the extra few bucks. The illustrations are wonderful and there are a few great pictures of the two men hanging out in Arches National Park.

In addition to the the book, Dream Garden also sells some t-shirts of the Crumb illustrations that are cheap as hell for how great they are. They’re not the “dad shirts” that you might be expecting. Go ahead and buy one. Cold Splinters is the proud owner of the Hayduke Lives! version.

Look: Original Cover of The Monkey Wrench Gang

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Vasque Sundowners

The burgundy Vasque Sundowners I used to own were some of the best boots I ever had the pleasure of slipping onto my size 10.5 feet. They were the Paul Newmans of hiking boots: strong, durable, and classically good looking. Vasque recommends wearing them not only on the mountain but to the supermarket as well. I concur. Unfortunately mine are now in shoe heaven as a few years ago my dumb ass put them a little too close to the fire while drying them out after wading down a river in the Catskills. The tongues were burnt to a crisp and they were eventually retired.

Good lord, what a good looking boot.

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Childhood Living Is Easy To Do

The NYT has an interesting article about P.Z.P., an immunocontraceptive that is used to control horse and deer populations in the United States:

Dr. Kirkpatrick has one view of why it is not more widely used. “The problem isn’t scientific, it’s political and cultural,” he said. “We’re dealing with a cowboy culture. One told me, ‘We don’t do it this way; we do it on horseback with ropes.’ ”

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Base jumping in new zealand

Check out Chris ‘Douggs’ McDougall and Melissa Andrzejewski complete three different jumps down in New Zealand. There should be a lot less talking and a lot more jumping in this video. Photo above is not from the video.

Watch it on Babelgum here and then check out more videos on Babelgum’s Our Earth Channel

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Live Free Or Die

Cold Splinters is off to New Hampshire for the weekend. Y’all have a good weekend and enjoy the sunshine if it’s around.

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A Woman’s Story


Never thought I’d love a Cher song this much. What a goddamn jam. Thank you Phil Spector. Enjoy jail.

MP3: Cher – A Woman’s Story (thx)

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Maynard Dixon

Born on a ranch near Fresno, California in the San Joaquin Valley, Maynard Dixon, originally named Henry St. John Dixon, became a noted illustrator, landscape, and mural painter of the early 20th-century American West, especially the desert, Indians, early settlers, and cowboys.


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