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Enamel is a little bit heavy, sure. It doesn’t pack down real small, no. But is there a better place to put the food you’re cooking or the coffee you’re pouring? I don’t think so. Enamel is tough. It’s good looking. It lasts a long time and makes you feel a little like putting on a Mets hat and driving cattle across the desert. And the best part? It’s cheap.

GSI Outdoors makes it well and has a wonderful selection of it here. The Spokane, WA company says it perfectly: “If enamelware can survive the ardors of the Oregon Trail, we’re sure that it can handle anything the modern world dish out.”

And of course, they also sell their nFORM line of cooking gear for ultra light backpacking needs.

GSI Outdoors


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  1. Addi Relnick April 27, 2009 at 11:04 pm #

    Thanks! Just got back from a weekend sojourn to Joshua Tree and, though the walkabout aspect of the trip was tremendous, the culinary portion left a lot to be desired. Stomach trouble was likely caused by the old tamales, but the ensuing clean-up and storage snafu was probably due in part to those clunky, chipped pots and damnable paper plates. Rubbish.
    Eh, no more. That beautiful dish and the Pinnacle Soloist are mine!

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