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RMNP Requires Bear Canisters

RMNP Ranger: So do you want to rent a bear canister if you’ll be out in the backcountry?
Me: Nah, I think we’ll be good.
RMNP Ranger: Highly recommend it.
Me: Yeah, well, I guess…actually, no we’re fine.
RMNP Ranger: You’re sure?
Me: Jim, do you want to get bear canister? Ranger says we should.
Jim: No, man.
Me: Ok, thanks, we’re fine.

Starting May 1st, Rocky Mountain National Park is requiring bear canisters on all overnight trips.

(via Backpacker)

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Bean Boots



Check out Restless Transplant’s visit to the Maine factory where Bean Boots are brought back to life.

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Invisible Cities is out May 5th on Ubiquity.

MP3: NOMO – Invisible Cities

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We Shall Remain: The Trail Of Tears


The third episode of We Shall Remain, Trail Of Tears, aired last night, and if you haven’t been watching these documentaries on PBS, you should. Yeah, there’s the American Experience historical documentary acting, but Wes Studi made an appearance in last night’s episode, so you can’t get too hell bent on that. The documentaries are interesting because, ultimately, they show that the Native Americans played an active role in their own history.

The Trail Of Tears refers to the march that southeast Native Americans made to Oklahoma after being relocated by the Indian Removal Act of 1830. Last night’s episode focused on the Cherokees, who set up a European legal system, became Christian, and adopted their education system to the Western world, only to be forced out by the government and local militia. 4,000 of the 15,000 Cherokees that walked to Oklahoma, while singing Christian hymns, would die and never get to see the the new life that they made for themselves.

Next week’s episode focuses on the infamous leader of Chiricahua Apaches, Geronimo.

We Shall Remain on PBS

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Old Man Of The Mountain Goes Glass

I got back from a nice night of camping yesterday to find an envelope from the New Hampshire Department Of Motor Vehicles waiting for me in my mailbox. Finally, my replacement driver’s license is in my wallet. I lost my license a little while ago, and instead of going up to the New York DMV, I sent 10 dollars in the mail to New Hampshire (my folks live in Portsmouth, NH) for a replacement. It was a pain in the ass carrying around my passport everywhere I went. Literally.

Point of the story is that an artist has proposed to replicate the New Hampshire symbol, The Old Man Of The Mountain, with a glass structure that people would be able to walk into. The Old Man crumbled to the ground in May of 2003, but it still adorns just about everything in The Granite State. Seems like a really really bad idea. Let the Old Man rest in peace. Full story is at GoBlog.

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Poisoned Waters

Evening On Puget Sound

Poisoned Waters:

“The ’70s were a lot about, ‘We’re the good guys; we’re the environmentalists; we’re going to go after the polluters,’ and it’s not really about that anymore,” Jay Manning, director of ecology for Washington state, tells FRONTLINE. “It’s about the way we all live. And unfortunately, we are all polluters. I am; you are; all of us are.”

Watch Poisoned Waters in full on PBS’ FRONTLINE

MP3: Otis Redding – You Don’t Miss Your Water

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GSI Outdoors


Enamel is a little bit heavy, sure. It doesn’t pack down real small, no. But is there a better place to put the food you’re cooking or the coffee you’re pouring? I don’t think so. Enamel is tough. It’s good looking. It lasts a long time and makes you feel a little like putting on a Mets hat and driving cattle across the desert. And the best part? It’s cheap.

GSI Outdoors makes it well and has a wonderful selection of it here. The Spokane, WA company says it perfectly: “If enamelware can survive the ardors of the Oregon Trail, we’re sure that it can handle anything the modern world dish out.”

And of course, they also sell their nFORM line of cooking gear for ultra light backpacking needs.

GSI Outdoors

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Bear and Will

Will Ferrell will be on an episode of Man Vs. Wild in June. Drinking his own urine. Promoting Land Of The Lost. Oy. Read here.

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Magnolia Electric Co.

What a day for some Molina.

MP3: Magnolia Electric Co. – It Made Me Cry (thx thx)

MP3: Magnolia Electric Co. – Peoria Lunchbox Blues (Demo)

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Wildflower Field Guide

The sun has been-a-shinin’ lately, so when you’re out doing that hiking and camping thing that y’all love to do, the likelihood of passing some wildflowers on the trail is getting higher. If you’re out on a prairie in the Land Of Lincoln this summer and you’re not sure if you’re staring at a Cliff Onion or a Sawtooth Sunflower, you can take a picture and mosey on over to this amazing wildflower resource (it’s not specific to the midwest) to figure out what it was you were admiring just two hours previous. If you’re like me and don’t know a damn thing about these colorful little pretties but have always wanted to impress your friends, then click here and let out a big sigh that you’re on the Internet and not outside.

I guess if you’re one of those people who likes to do their research before you leave the house, there’s always a book. Probably a better idea.

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