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Don’t Expose Yourself To The Elements

Above: Border sign near Organ Pipe National Monument on the Arizona/Mexico Border.

Read: Organ Pipe barrier fact sheet from

MP3: Dear Nora – The Lonesome Border Pt. 1

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2 Million Acres

Sierra Blogging Post:

The House of Representatives signed legislation yesterday designating 2 million U.S. acres to be wild, including 250,000 acres in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park.

A wilderness designation effectively requires that the land remain undisturbed by development of any kind.

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Isle Royale

Isle Royal National Park:

If living and working on a remote roadless island surrounded by the largest freshwater lake in the world appeals to you, consider a position with Isle Royale, a maritime wilderness National Park.

MP3: Here We Go Magic – Tunnelvision

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Sunday Project

Kalen and I collaborated on a backpack yesterday. She did the stitching, I did the worrying. Turned out real real fine.

Red and beige canvas, some beige thread, padding from an old backpack, and a belt buckle. Go 49ers.

MP3: Dusty Sprinfield – Just A Little Lovin

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Dutch Ovens

Lodge Dutch Ovens

Recipes for Buttermilk Biscuits (thx Kelly) and Sourdough Biscuits

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Goodnight Moon

MP3: Leo Kottke – The Driving Of The Year Nail

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Photos of Nebulae from National Geographic

Sweet dreams, Battlestar Galactica. Miss you already.

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Rocky Mountain National Park

Lost Lake In Rocky Mountain National Park, August 2008

The hike on Trimble Outdoors

MP3: Kurt Vile – Freeway In Mind (Acoustic version)

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John Cash as John Brown

Youtube: Video of Johnny Cash playing American abolitionist, John Brown, at his famous raid of Harpers Ferry in 1859


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Help Our Wolves Live

Since I bought this army jacket at a thrift store in Brooklyn, I’ve gotten numerous comments from strangers around town about the HELP OUR WOLVES LIVE (HOWL) patch that was already sewn on the left breast pocket. My favorite was last night on the 6 train, when a woman came up to me and started raising her voice about Sarah Palin’s insatiable love for the smell of wolf blood.

Woman: “I bet she falls asleep counting dead wolves instead of sheep.”

Me: “Yup.”

Listen to wolves howlin at Closet Of Curiosities

MP3: Howlin Wolf – Shake For Me

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