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How to Avoid Poison Ivy

Snow might be melting soon, so in case you don’t already know…

Read: How to Treat (and Avoid) Poison Ivy and Other Toxic Plants

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Hippie Headband Factory

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Fish With Transparent Head

National Geographic has some crazy pictures (or are they drawings?) of a Pacific barreleye fish off the central coast of California. In case you can’t tell from the picture above, IT’S HEAD IS SEE THROUGH.

I’m calling bullshit on this one. Give that thing some Prozac. It’s the saddest fish I ever saw.

Photos here

Youtube: Video of the transparent head fish


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Roadtrip – 1976

Lake Scott State Park:

Here you can find the ruins of El Cuartelejo, the only known Indian pueblo in Kansas and the northernmost one in North America.  It was established in the 1600s by Taos Indians and later occupied by Picuris Indians. Both groups were attracted to the area by the many large springs, one of which (Big Springs) can be reached by hiking on a short nature trail. This spring, which provides a flow of about 400 gallons per minute of 58 degree F water, has been stocked with rainbow trout. The area’s unique wildlife species-the Scott riffle beetle-is a tiny, seldom-seen insect that lives in the springs feeding into the lake. Because this beetle is found nowhere else in the world, it has been listed as a Kansas endangered species.

Routt National Forest:

Established by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1905 as the Park Range Forest Reserve, the Routt National Forest includes 1,126,346 acres of Federal lands within its boundaries. The Forest is named in memory of Col. John N. Routt, the last territorial and first state Governor of Colorado.

White River National Forest:

Perhaps more than any other national forest, White River is dedicated to outdoor recreation. Aspen and Vail, two towns that exemplify basecamps at their most glamorous, nestle in its rugged folds. Trapper Lake and the surrounding Flat Tops Wilderness, is widely recognized as the birthplace of the modern concept of wilderness. The Maroon Bells, a collection of granite peaks near Aspen, signify the Rocky Mountains in the same way the Eiffel Tower does Paris.

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1,000 Mile Journey

9 News Colorado:

It’s been a long and lonely winter trek for a female wolf that separated from her pack in Yellowstone National Park five months ago.

The Colorado Department of Wildlife says a global position satellite collar, worn by the wolf, has helped them track her epic five-state journey, which has apparently brought her to Colorado in search of a mate. It says the wolf’s last known location in Eagle County, is about 450 miles from its origin. The DOW estimates, however, that she may have walked an estimated total of 1,000 miles.

The 18-month-old female separated from her pack just north of the Yellowstone National Park boundary in September and traveled across five states, including Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah.

It’s not unusual for wolves to travel as far as 60 miles of their pack, but biologist have documented approximately 10 wolves since 1992 that have traveled more than 190 miles.

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Upon Sails Of Fire

Totally Inappropriate:

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Matt Carpenter

For a long time I ran to the top of the mountains and would look up and say, “Hi Mom, I’m doing fine.”

Bio on Skyrunner

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Western Elk


JACKSON, Wyo. — When the mighty elk herds of the West were facing the possibility of extinction from overhunting, settlement and neglect a century ago, people here stepped forward and began what has turned out to be a profound biological experiment.

They offered food to the straggling survivors.

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I Got a gal that lives up on the hill

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Wake with the rising sun

MP3: Fleetwood Mac – My Heart Beat Like A Hammer

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