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AMC Trail Sign Auction

From the Appalachian Mountain Club:

Every year the AMC’s White Mountain Trail Crew replaces weathered or out-of-date trail signs with new signs. The old signs are collector’s items, having guided thousands of visitors for many years along celebrated paths throughout the Whites.

All proceeds from the auction will support AMC’s trail efforts in the Northeast.

This year’s auction is taking place on eBay and will run from Tuesday, November 25 through Friday, December 5, 2008.

Youtube: Bob Dylan – Sign On The Window (Sicilian Version)

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A Closet Of Curiosities is quickly becoming one of Cold Splinters’ favorite blog, and it doesn’t hurt that every Sunday they post old recordings of nature and environmental sounds. Below are a few of our favorites, but the track that really nails it is “Night On A Wilderness Lake” from Volume 6 of Dan Gibson’s famous Solitudes collection. Amazing.

Dan Gibson’s Solitudes – Volume 1 (By Canoe To Loon Lake + Dawn By A Gentle Stream)

Dan Gibson’s Solitudes – Volume 6 (Storm On Wilderness Lake + Night On A Wilderness Lake)

North Sound – Wolf Talk

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Bark Beetles

When I was in Colorado over the summer, you could easily see the damage the little assholes are doing. The effect on the entire west is unreal and it’s getting worse and spreading fast. Read more about it here.

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Lake Michigan

Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

MP3: Bill Monroe – Remember The Cross

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Oil Drilling

On December 19th, The Bureau Of Land Management will auction of tens of thousands off acres of land in and around some of Utah’s national parks. The tracts up for auction are part of the BLM’s oil and gas lease program, and they could be future sites for large scale industrial activity. Big bummer times. Check out the full story here.

MP3: Roy Wood – Nancy Sing Me A Song

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Have A Good Weekend

MP3: Chris Bell – You And Your Sister (Country Version)

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Ridin The Rails

While looking through the pictures from the post below, I was reminded of the scene from Ridin The Rails where Johnny Cash is sitting around a fire with some confederate soldiers singing “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down.” I think it’s a pretty safe bet to say that if I were a soldier during the Civil War and I was tired and hurt and I’d lost all my friends and family and had watched hundreds of people painfully die from the bullet that I had put in their heart, I’d have a big grin on my face if I heard that voice sing me that song. I mean, really, could you imagine sitting at a fire and looking through the flames to see that face? Cheer up dude that looks like Ernest.

Watch the video and know what I’m talking about:

Youtube: Johnny Cash – The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down

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Allegheny Islands Wilderness


Between Buckaloons Recreation Area and the town of Tionesta, a distance of approximately 56 miles, seven islands in the Allegheny River have been designated Wilderness. Alluvial in origin, the islands were formed from deposits of sand, mud, and clay that the river carried down from the Allegheny Mountains. Old river-bottom trees–willow, sycamore, and silver maple–characterize these little hunks of land. Crull’s, at 96 acres, is the largest, followed by Thompson’s and Baker (both 67 acres), Courson (62 acres), King (36 acres), R. Thompson’s (30 acres), and No-Name (10 acres).

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Milton Glaser + Tomato

All the other wonderful Milton Glaser album covers for Tomato here

Buy Tomato albums on emusic here

MP3: Louis Armstrong – C’est Si Bon

MP3: Nina Simone – I Got It Bad And That Ain’t Good

MP3: Townes Van Zandt – I’ll Be Here In The Morning

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The New Folk

A few months ago daniel flew to california to watch some bands play in the woods while he camped near an evil river and took pictures of young men and women with navajo rugs as clothes and drugs as thoughts and when the music and the circular dancing stopped he sat around a fire and asked people questions about God that he wrote down into a beautiful magazine that fader gave to the world yesterday.


Mariee Sioux Daytrotter

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