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Howdy Friends

Talking Points Memo has a new Obama Radio Spot in Virginia:

Howdy, friends.

This is Ralph Stanley, and I think I know a little something about the families around here.

Barack’ll cut taxes for everyday folks — not Big Business — so you’ll have a little more money in your pocket at the end of the year.

I also know Barack is a good man. A father and devoted husband, he values personal responsibility and family first.

MP3: Ralph Stanley – East Virginia Blues

MP3: Ralph Stanley – Old Daniel Prayed

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Blue Buttons

From here:

Blue Buttons are not true jellyfish, but are Chondrophores. These are actually colonies of polyps. In other words, they are like a tiny colony of animals. Each animal contributes something different to the colony. Some form the central disk, while others form the tentacles. Blue buttons exist in colonies, and mass beachings frequently occur since they are at the mercy of the wind and water currents. Blue buttons generally measure 1.5 inches across or less, and are generally dark blue or turquoise in color, although a lemon-yellow color variant sometimes occurs.

Blue buttons, like the Portuguese Man of War, and the By-the-wind-sailor (velella velella), are not true jellyfish, although they are closely related. They are all in the same phylum (cnidaria).

Well, it looks cool.

MP3: Michael Hurley – Blue Driver (Thx Justin)

Because you’re sweet and lovely, I love you.

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Green Porno

The back cover of Ram famously features a photo of a beetle screwing another beetle. Good one Paul.

In other news about animal intercourse…

Go here.

MP3: John Lee Hooker – Walkin The Boogie

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Sir Brohoss

I was sitting on my porch last night when I got a text message from a dear friend who we all call Sir Brohoss. A month ago he left Boston and, after spending some time at his folks’ place in Chicago, is now driving out to start a new life in San Francisco. Looks as though he made an amazing pit stop that resulted in an even more amazing text:

“Tahoe. Dark star concert. Totally dank”

MP3: Grateful Dead – It Must Have Been The Roses

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