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Anchorage Daily News..

endorses Barack Obama.

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Cat Stevens

MP3: Cat Stevens – How Can I Tell You

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Looking For a Sunset Bird in Winter

The west was getting out of gold,
The breath of air had died of cold,
When shoeing home across the white,
I thought I saw a bird alight.

Looking For A Sunset Bird In Winter

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Free Beer

Of course I litter the public highway. Every chance I get. After all, it’s not the beer cans that are ugly; it’s the highway that is ugly. – Ed Abbey

MP3: Free Beer – Cruisin

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Anza Borrego Desert

People tend to have some vacation days around Christmas/New Year’s so, if you ain’t a skier, look to the desert…

Anza Borrego Desert State Park:

The park is named after Spanish explorer Juan Bautista de Anza and the Spanish name borrego, or bighorn sheep. The park features washes, wildflowers, palm groves, cacti and sweeping vistas. Visitors may also have the chance to see roadrunner, golden eagles, kit foxes, mule deer and bighorn sheep as well as iguanas, chuckwallas and the red diamond rattlesnake.

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MP3: High Places – Sandy Feat (Thank You Covert Curiosity)

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Best Microscopic Images of 2008

First Place – Diatom Rainbows:

Sinewy filaments within squirming microscopic diatoms, a type of algae, are artificially rainbow hued as a result of being photographed through polarizing light filters.

Captured by retired British microscopist Michael Stringer, the photo took top prize–and U.S. $3,000–in the 2008 Small World Photomicrography Competition, organizers announced on October 15. Sponsored by Nikon, the annual contest showcases “the beauty and complexity of life as seen through the light microscope.”

Second Place – Nanotube Factory:

Glowing-hot carbon nanotubes form an expanding orange ball in this image by Paul Marshall of Canada’s Institute for Microstructural Sciences, a winner in the 2008 Small World photomicrography competition.

The nanotubes are elongated, hollow cylinders of carbon atoms. To make a carbon nanotube–just 1/50,000 the width of a human hair–a piece of carbon (graphite) must be heated, for example by lasers or electricity. And sometimes, Marshall says, the heated mass of nanotubes grows like a bulb in the spring.

The rest of em..

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The Experiences Are Endless

“It gets real boring acting like animals all the time.” – PSA from the Pacific Northwest Region National Park Service

“One word says it all: Jeep” – Jeep (Not Grand) Wagoneer Commercial

“Here comes the unstoppable Big 6″ – Toyota Land Cruiser Commercial 1 and 2

“The experiences are endless. The memories last a lifetime.” – Ontario Camping Association Commercial

“We’ve got some real bad guys in this country” – Preserving and Protecting National Parks and Public Land Video narrated by Lou Gossett Jr.

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Storm King

Storm King

Andy Goldsworthy’s Wall

Youtube: The Four Tops – Turn To Stone

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Have A Good Weekend

MP3: Forest Fire – Sunshine City (Thank You Daniel via Brandon)

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Buffalo Dance

According to Edison film historian C. Musser, this film and others shot on the same day featured Native American Indian dancers from Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show, and constitutes the American Indian’s first appearance before a motion picture camera.

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