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Have A Good Weekend

MP3: Buffy Sainte-Marie – The Dream Tree

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World Gone Wrong

A couple of winters before the one that’s on the tip of our tongues, we all went walking around the woods near a waterfall whose name I always say wrong. We walked through ankle high snow, made it to the top of a small mountain, and took a shortcut home across half frozen rivers and private bunny hills. We stayed in a state park cabin made of fake wood while one of us put on the only thing that made those cold walls worth a damn.

MP3: Bob Dylan – World Gone Wrong

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Cape Sable

Aerial view of Cape Sable, Florida

MP3: Jesse Winchester – Midnight Bus (Thanks Rising Storm)

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Cumberland Island

There was a time last February when I almost spent a few hundred dollars on a plane ticket to go visit the wild horses of Georgia’s Cumberland Island. I ended up not going, but hear me roar, we’ll all make it down there soon enough. A wild horse is nothing that these eyes have had the pleasure of bouncing up to this brain, but I hope that the sight is not nearly as disappointing as I imagine it to be. See you soon.

MP3: Tyrannosaurus Rex – Great Horse

Best Moment Ever Caught On Film

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Colorado Yurts and Tipis

Colorado Yurt Company:

Our story began back in 1976 when owners Dan and Emma Kigar made their first tipi and called it home. They set their tipi on a mountainside and watched the stars pass and the seasons change. It wasn’t long before some of their friends wanted the same experience and the adventure called Earthworks Tipis began. Living at 9,000 feet in harsh Colorado winters in a tipi gave them the first hand experience they needed to design and manufacture fabric structures that withstand extreme climate conditions while leaving a light footprint environmentally!

A 20 foot yurt on the Conejos River in Colorado

MP3: Trees Community – Jesus He Knows

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The Gospel Truth

Airstream, Inc

Amazing collection of Airstream slides

McConaughey in his

MP3: Jim Ford – Long Road Ahead

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MP3: Melanie – Isn’t It A Pity

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Crescent City Groove Merchant

MP3: Allen Toussaint – The Chokin’ Kind

MP3: Paul Simon – Take Me To The Mardi Gras (Demo)

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Oh De Lally

Needless to say, this is Disney’s best. Watch it in full here.

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The Mesa

In the New Mexico desert, 25 miles from the nearest town, lives Dreadie Jeff (pictured above) and the rest of the radical inhabitants of The Mesa.

You can see Off The Grid: Life On The Mesa on Sundance On Demand.

Trailer + Myspace + Official Site

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