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ike, follow up

Despite what you may (or may not) hear, the damage was done.

Stunning photos HERE.

MP3: Normanoak – Our Place in the Sky

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Trouble In Paradise

35 million dollars worth of grass found in Redwood National Park.

From Planetsave:

On Wednesday a 5 acre marijuana farm located in Redwood National Park was raided by over 60 park rangers and other cooperating law enforcement officials. The farm was located less than six miles away from the world’s tallest tree. It is the first major marijuana growing operation to have been found in the well-known park

The world’s coolest car + Steinbeck on the redwoods

MP3: Skygreen Leopards – Jesus Was Californian

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Have A Good Weekend

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We left in April. Six of us in all. Mr. MacCready and his wife, from Ireland. Mr. Janus, from Virginia, I believe. With his servant, Jones. Myself. And our guide. A military man, coincidently. A Colonel Ives. He professed to know a new, shorter route through the Nevada’s. Quite a route that was. Longer than the normal one. Impossible to travel. We worked very very hard. By the time of the first snowfall we were still one hundred miles from this place, that was November. Preceding though the snow was futile. We took shelter in a cave. Decided to wait until the storm had passed. The storm did not pass. The trails soon became impossible, and we had run out of food. We ate the Oxen. All the horses. Even my own dog. And that lasted us about a month. After that we turned to out belts, shoes, and roots we could dig up… but you know there’s no real nourishment in those. We remained famished. The day that Jones died I was out collecting wood. He had expired from malnourishment. And when I returned, the others were cooking his legs for dinner. Would I have stopped it had I been there? I don’t know. But I must say. When I stepped inside that cave… the smell of meat cooking… I thanked the lord! I thanked the lord! - Ravenous

More Ravenous

MP3: Damon Albarn – Boyd’s Journey (From The Ravenous Soundtrack)

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That 70s Guy

As you probably already noticed, we post a lot of pictures from the 70s and 80s on this website thing we got going. It wasn’t until this morning, while coming across a wonderful picture of this dude camping, that I remembered a mildly funny podcast from Outside’s Eric Hansen where he decides to turn back the clock and dress the part of a 70s outdoor enthusiast. It’s worth taking a listen.

From the podcast:

“The stars and stripes are flying proudly thanks to my super bitchin’ American flag backpack. ‘Looooking good,’ I say to myself. And it’s true. I am the avatar of the bicentennial outdoors, embodiment of all that is joyous and unbridled.”

Telly Tom’s amazing photos

MP3: Cactus – Parchman Farm


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MP3: Glen Campbell – Galveston

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i say we ride some gravity

Holy hell, McFly.

Not what most of us would consider “safe” or “smart” or even “enjoyable” but long boarding in HD is sure fun to watch. FF to about 2 mins in.

VIDEO: Adam Kimmel presents: Claremont HD

MP3: The Beastie Boys – Egg Man

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Palindrome Wars

Now that school is back in session, you can be sure that kids all across the country are telling ridiculous stories of what they did on their summer vacations. The first year I went to camp, I told my entire class, in full detail, about a palindrome war that I participated in. Yep, a palindrome war. We were The Race Car Team and I think it was The Mom Team that was crowned the victors after they clinched the Capture The Flag competition.

If I were a teacher and I heard that shit come out of my nine year old self, I would be very very concerned.


This American Life: Notes On Camp

MP3: David Vandervelde – Someone Like You

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into the wild

You saw the movie.

You wanted to read the book.

And don’t miss the original piece from Outside in January 1993.

Jon Krakauer – Death of an Innocent

MP3: Cleoma Breaux & Joseph Falcon – C’est Si Triste Sans Lui

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America’s Best Idea

The title of Ken Burns’ new documentary? The National Parks: America’s Best Idea.

Read more here.

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