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Brightblack Morning Light are on the cover of the newest FADER magazine and the pictures of the band’s off the grid life in New Mexico are a-fucking-mazing. I didn’t get a chance to read the article so I’m not exactly sure where in New Mexico they are, but let’s get a stick, a bandana, a good pair of army boots, and start walking.

From Death Comes For The Archbishop:

At sunrise next morning Father Vallaint set out, Sabino driving the wagon, his oldest boy riding Angelica, and Father Joseph riding Contento. They took the old road to the northeast, through the sharp red sand-hills spotted with juniper, and the Bishop accompanied them as far as the loop where the road wound out on the top of one of those conical hills, giving the departing traveller his last glimpse of Santa Fe. There Father Joseph drew rein and looked back at the town lying rosy in the morning light, the mountain behind it, and the hills close about it like two encircling arms.

“Auspice, Maria!” he murmured as he turned his back on these familiar things.

MP3: Brightblack Morning Light – Oppressions Each


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