Dress Your Sons and Daughters In Neutral Colors and Pray

For about five years during my middle school and high school years, I took guitar lessons from Mario, an Italian guy in his late 20s whose fingers were each as wide my entire fist. He had a ponytail, that when let out, made him look like a heavy metal Shakespeare character. He was responsible for teaching me some guitar, but most importantly, he told me to buy some records that I would still take bullets for. Among them were Paul McCartney’s Ram and Jellyfish’s Bellybutton, which through Jason Falkner, led me to Brendan Benson shortly after.

Not much point to this story, other than Benson’s One Mississippi just came on my iTunes a few minutes ago, and much like Ram, Bellybutton, and Benson’s second LP, Lapalco, it has got some of the most lyrically ridiculous yet enjoyable pop songs ever put on tape. Noiz.

I need a pickup and I don’t mean truck:

MP3: Comments On Ram By John Lennon

MP3: Jellyfish – Bellybutton

MP3: Brendan Benson – Bird’s Eye View

MP3: Brendan Benson – Jetlag


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