Lost Lake Pt. 1

Lost Lake is located in the northeast corner of Rocky Mountain National Park, 10 miles from the nearest trail head. If you want to get there, you’ve got to walk about 4 miles through Roosevelt National Forest, which contains a few minutes of private land, and more than a few minutes of dodging horse apples. You’ll follow the Big Thompson River for most of your ascent, which is slow and steady, a moderate climb that still manages to embarrass you if you’ve got 40 pounds on your back. On the way you might pass a lama or two bringing up packs for those who have finally given up on the idea that carrying the sleeping bags, granola bars, extra layers, and iodine are a means to end, but rather a inconvenience that can be easily avoided. But you got to hand it to these people, they brought lots of beer.

Go to Estes Park, find Devil’s Gulch Road and head towards Glen Haven. Make a left onto Dunraven Glade Road (2 miles after town) and take the road all the way until it ends. The trail head is impossible to miss. You’ll stay in the forest most of the 10 miles, with little to see in the way of postcard views of the great Rockies. It’s worth it. There are countless sites to stop and make camp if you can’t make it all the way, but of course, don’t do it. Keep going. Lost Lake is beautiful to a point of silliness, and the campsites are just as fine. Get a good night’s sleep when you get there cause tomorrow is much better…

MP3: Pink Floyd – The Gold It’s In The…

MP3: Paul Simon – Loves Me Like A Rock (Acoustic Demo)


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  1. allen android August 26, 2008 at 11:14 am #

    man oh man that demo…

  2. blanca estela August 26, 2008 at 11:49 am #

    i want silly beauty

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